Juan y Monica-17




M: How are you feeling?

J: Better. Pedro and Segundo?

M: They came last night. You were asleep and I told them you were staying here. Nevetheless, they kept watching.

J: Tell me you love me. Tell me everything you wrote in that letter was true.

M: I have no words to express how much I love you, only if you could be within my soul and had a look.

J: I´d love to, to feel both us are one person, and when you breath I do take a breath too. I´d love to be within your thoughts… to know whether you love me as much as I love you.

M: I love you more, more.

J: I want to make love to you so much…

M: It shoud be Meche.

      What´s up Meche?

Me: Your mother just woke up, but she is still in her bedroom.

M: And Lupe?

Me: In the washroom.

M: Then bring Señor´s breakfast.

Me: Ok Señora.

J: If your mother discovers I´m here…

M: She won´t do anything. Don´t worry. What happened with Aimee?

J: I left her in the healer´s house. She is pregnant…of Andres.

M: Juan?


* * *


J: Here I am.

M: Are you mad? I was terrified.

J: I can´t stay.

M: I understand. We´ll leave when you decide.

J: I´m not taking you with me.

M: Why? We agreed we wouldn´t be apart anymore.


* * *


J: I assure you it´s not my wish, but I fear your sister will fufill her threat, and I’m worried for Doña Tegua.

M: I don´t think Aimee will dare.

J: I don´t want to take any risks. Monica, don´t cry, please. My soul is breaking for having to leave you.

J: I know, Monica. This time everything will be fixed. I swear

M: Let me go with you. I fear this separation. So many things have happened…

J: I know, Monica. This time everything will be fixed. I swear.

Ju: Miss Monica. Don Noel has arrived and he asked for you.

M: Tell him I´ll go in a minute.

J: Nothing wrong will happen to me, I assure you. Only death could prevent me coming back to you.

M: But I don´t want you to die

J: It won´t happen.

M: I´ll go for Don Noel.


* * *


DN: Kid…The only problem is you were declared oficially dead. That´s why the appeal wasn´t sent to the judge.

J: What do I have to do? Going public so they realize I´m alive?

DN: Yes

M: No! It´s dangerous. I can testify and say I saw you.

DN: They might not believe you, Monica.

J: I prefer you not to be involved. I promise I won´t make any appearence till I´m fully recovered.

M: It´s very risky. They can arrest you and imprison you again.

J: I´ll take precautions.

DN. When are you leaving?

J: Tonight.

M: My love..

DN: And Aimee?

J: Dña Tegua was trying to convince her to go back to Andres, She is carrying his child. Is there any report of her being in the jail that night?

DN: Not that I know. We have a great enemy, Juan.

J: I know, Andres.

DN: Another one. Lcdo Romero Vargas, the new judge, I fear I might the problem.

J: Why?

M: Do you know Madam Amanda?

DN: Yes, I do.

J: Who is she

DN: Romero Vargas´s sister-in-law.

J: Is she the problem?

DN: I think so.


* * *


DC: Monica, open the door. Open the door, daughter!

M: I´m coming, mom!

DC: Can´t you just open the door?

M: I´m changing my clothes, I´ll be there in a minute. .

DC: Don´t you understand? Something terrible happened!

J: Open the door. I prefer fo be seen by her rather than by the police offer out there.

DC: Daughter, please, I need to talk to you.

M: Come in, mom.

DC: What is he doing here?

M: He is hurt, and needs attention.

DC: I want him to leave immediately.

M: He´ll leave tonight.

DC: Now!

M: No!


* * *


J: I won´t doubt your mom´s word, but I don´t want to take risks.

M: Wait till it gets dark, at least.

J: No my love, and less knowing Aimee is here.

DN: I´ll be waiting outside, Monica.

M: I don´t want you to leave me.

J: I won´t.

Go wiht Don Noel

M: Take care of yourself, please.

J: I will….

J: Go.

M: Here you are. There are some oinments, dressings, a bit of food.

J: Thanks.

M: When will I see you again?

J: I´ll come back soon.

M: Don´t. It will be better.

J: I will.

M: Don´t forget you are taking my life with you.

J: And mine stays with you.

4 Yorum (+add yours?)

  1. tembel1kedi
    Nis 29, 2012 @ 18:12:58

    Bu diziden bir parçaya ne zaman rastlasam kendimi iyi hissediyorum . Sanki Juan gerçekten varmış gibi.teşekkürler yaz..


  2. yaz
    Nis 29, 2012 @ 20:01:57

    Rica ederim 🙂


  3. Chris'
    Şub 14, 2013 @ 13:36:30

    Thank u very very much for ur efforts on translating this “Juan y Monica” video series into English subtitle. I really appreciate it.
    Please, continue ur good works =)) Waiting for the rest of it.


  4. yaz
    Mar 02, 2013 @ 13:39:04

    Hi Chris 🙂
    You’re welcome. I haven’t translated them into English but Turkish, I just quoted English translations someplaces and put them together on one site. 🙂


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