Juan y Monica-19




M: Juan, are you there?

J: What happened? Why that message?

DN: I´d like to talk to… alone.

J: No.

DN: It would be better.

M: Please, don´t hide anything from me.

J: She said it. I don´t want to hide anything from her.

DN: Well, Serafin is in Campo Real.

J: Don´t tell me they made it!

DN: Andres may let him go, but….

J: He wants me.

M: No.

J: Ok.


* * *


J: What about Bautista?

DN: Bautista will care for his job.

J: Ok.


* * *


DN: Luckily, judge Mondragon was in the mass. He will revoke your death certificate. I also spoke with Romero-Vargas.

J: The one with the lady and the girl?

DN: Yes. I´m beginning to understand him. He is one of those fanatics, he thinks he´s capable of anything just because he has the robes. Do you know what he wants? He wants to imprison Doña Sofia.

M: Is that so?

DN: A few days in a dungeon wouldn´t hurt her, but there are no evidences against her, and Andres would do anything to prevent it, and with his friends, being (RV) stupid, could even lost his job. Juan, I´d like yo to avoid the duel at any cost.

J: I don´t want to do it, either, and less now, when everything seems to be fixing. If there was another way to solve it… but I don´t see how.

DN: I´m leaving now, I´ll go to Campo Real tomorrow.

M: Please, come for me.

J: Monica…

M: Don´t insist. I´m going.

J: Please, send me a message to your home.

DN: Ok.

M: Why don´t you want me to go?

J: Simply because anything can happen. I´d be worried about you being there.

M: That´s the reason I want to be there.

J: Don´t you think about me? Don´t you think I need to be calm, to focus all my senses in the duel? I´ll feel nervous if I know you are in Campo Real, Monica.

M: Nervous, why? Don´t tell me you have doubts about me?

J: Of course I don´t. I´ll wonder what you are doing all the time, if you are having trouble, difficulties, while if you stay here with Meche, worried if you want, but far from those people… they only want to hurt us.

M: But I´ll be dying in angst.

J: So will I, if you go to Campo Real.


* * *


M: Thank godness I kept your clothes.

J: Thanks.

M: Juan, I fear something will happen to you. I couldn´t stand it.

J: If there was any way to avoid it, even a wild one, I swear, I´d do it. Only for you.

M: What about going there at night with your men, and setting Serafin free?

J: Don´t you think Andres has taken precautions?

M: But a duel… a confrontation between both you means one of both will be hurt. You aren´t healed yet, not for that.

J: I´m alright. Don´t worry. Besides, I´m going to win.

M: Aren´t you? Why? Don´t you think Andres will defend himself?

J: I don´t doubt of his abilities, but I´m the lucky one. Don´t you realise?

M: No.

J: Isn´t fortunate the man who has the love of the most wonderful woman in the world? Can I ask you a favour?

M: Anyhting you want?

J: Let´s not talk more about this. Let us don´t forget the rest of the day and the night, ever.

M: I´m the lucky one, but I want it to last, a lot.

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