Juan y Monica-1




J: Aimeé?

M: Who are you? What are you doing here?

J: Don´t be so afraid. You are not in front of the devil.

M: I´m not afraid, and you´d better leave now. What do you want?

J: Nothing with you. Where is Aimeé?

M: Aimeé? Are you looking for my sister?

J: Isn´t she here?

M: I don´t have to inform you, and I beg you to leave.

J: Did she go out with her mom?

M: It´s not your business.

J: I didn’t know nuns got so angry.

M: I won’t tolerate your stupid jokes and if you don’t leave…

J: Besides, I hadn’t seen such a beautiful nun before.

M: I call the servants.

J: There is just one servant in this house. Is that the reason you took the habbit? Because you can’t stand a man’s touch.

M: Go out!

J: I’ll go, tell Aimee I came. May god take care of you, Saint Monica.


* * *


M: My God! You don´t love me. Each day you make me suffer a bit more. Why did Andres have to chose her? What has she got I haven´t? I suffered enough with his rejection and now, such a big humiliation. And she knows it, she enjoys it, she makes fun.

J: What´s the matter, Saint Monica? Were you lost?

M: Don´t touch me? How dare you?

J: Do prevent you to die? Truth is, don´t know.

M: You are a lout.

J: It is said it´s a sin to be bad tempered, sister. You should be thankful instead of being angry.

M: I have nothing to be thankful, and retire, you disgust me.

J: Do I disgust you? Why? Because I´m poor, bad dressed. Is that the christian charity, sister?

M: Let me go!

J: No.

M: Look, if yo dare….

J: Take advantage from you? My God, Saint Monica. You wouldn´t tempt even a hermit. Sorry, I didn´t want to say it. I don´t understand why a girl that beautiful wants to be a nun.


* * *


DN: Monica? Where are you going, kid?

M: Good morning, DN. I´mgoing back home, for a short while.

DN: We´ll see each other soon, as I have to see your mom, too.

J: Will you introduce us?

DN: Sure. She is miss Monica Altamira. He is Captain Juan….

J: …del Diablo. We had seen each other before, but I´m glad we´ve been formally introduced

M: Excuse me, DN, but I have to go. It was a pleasure to see you.

DN: Why do you have to be such a meddler?

J: I just wanted to greet the old Andres Alcazar fiancé.

DN: How do you know it?

J: There are no secrets in this village.

Translated by doike on youtube