Juan y Monica-2




J: Is Aimeé still in the Hacienda?

M: How dare you coming here?

J: How did she dare deceive me? To say she would wait for me! Did you know she was my lover? Yeah, my lover! Even if you are shocked!

M: It isn´t true!

J: And she dared marry another man when she swore she would marry me.

M: There must be a mistake!

J: No! No mistake! And you know it´s true. She deceived me. She made a fool of me! I made this trip for her to get money to marry her! But this is not the end!

M: Please, wait, I beg you! I pray you! Andres has no guilt! He is a victim.

J: I don´t care!

M: Licenciado Mancera told me you were a good an generous man! I understand your rage, but there is innocent people who have nothing to pay for!

J: There is no innocent people….Why are you not a nun anymore?

M: Because they didn´t accept me

J: They didn´t accept you?…or did they fear you woud tempt the monks?

M: Don´t be rude! Besides, Aimeé is no longer here. They left for their honeymoon yesterday. There is no point anymore! She is already married. Even if there was anything between you and here it´s over now.

J: We shall see. When will they be back?

M: They went to Europe. Plese, go now. I promise you. I´m willing to give you anything you want…

J: Anything I want? Are you sure?

M: Yes. I can collect some money.

J: What if I didn´t want any money? I lost a woman, a countess, maybe I´calm down if I´d get another one….

A: Juan!

J: Didn´t you say they´d left?

M: I don´t know….

A: Don Noel told me you were out.

J: Yeah, I´m back now.

A: I´m really pleased. Why did Noel not come to my wedding?

J: He got the flu.

A: Have you been introduced?

M: Yes.

A: Well then. I want you to meet my wife.

J: I´ll be very pleased…


* * *


Ai: I understand my aunt asked you to stay, mom, but frakly, you shouldn´t have accepted. And it´s not because of ou, but Monica. I´m fed up.

A: Aimeé, I want you to meet an old friend

(Aimeé faints) Love!


* * *


M: You got what you wanted! Why don´t you leave?

J: What I wanted?

M: Yes. You got commotion. My sister even fainted!

J: And you think I´m satisfied with it. No. It’s just the beginning.

A: She is recovering.

J: That´s good.

A: I´m very pleased you kept Juan company, Monica.

M: You are wellcome

A: Will you come with me to my office? Beg your pardon ……


* * *


J: Don´t be so afraid. I said nothing to him. I´ve let all of you use me as you please.

M: Thank you so much

J: Don´t be so thankful yet.

M: I think you should´n have taken Andres´ offer.

J: Why not?

M: It doesn´t make good sense. Aimé has repented, I´m sure of it.

J: You are really naive..or a big liar.

J: Repented…the prositute? Besides, she was the one who looked for me! She was spyingme for days, even if I was naked! What kind of man can resist? And she got what she wanted and she made me fooled, so I made a trip I risked my life in every single minute..do you want t know why? To be able to get to her dressed as a gentleman, so she wouldn´t be ashamed of being with me at the daylight, to honor whatever YOU think is important: family, convenience, religion! And I did it so because she said she loved me…she accepted to be my wife and she swore for her life she would wait for me.

M: I understand you, but please, there is no point in telling it to Andres. Beside, I assure you she is really distressed.

J: And she is taking comfort in his husband´s arms.

M: Don´t think about it, please!

J: I´ll think about whatever I want. And ´ll do whatever I want.

M: Please, be generous!

J: Generous!… Only those who are happy can take the luxury of being generous.  And at this moment, I feel like being  dragged by the devil…


* * *


N: Don´t deny all the country is restless. There are too many injustices and people are fed up.

F: It´s always been the same. There have always been riches and poor ones. That´s life!

N: You speak so because you are on the other side, but you´d think differently if you´d have to fight for food and life, you wouldn´t be satisfied.

F: I´m sure I wouldn´t, but fortunately that´s not the case. Everyone in the world has what they deserve. What do you think, Juan?

J: Nothing!

F: Don´t you want to express your opinion?

J: With people who talks for the sake of talking, no.

T: How rude!

N: Don´t worry, licenciado (Noel). Andres is the one responsible for making us to share a meal with…rude people.

M: Forgive if I tell you, Alberto, but you were the one who offended him. It is the truth, mom. You can´t tell someone who´s obviously born in poverty and fights for his life that he´s got what he deserves.

C: please…

F: No, doña Catalina, let her make her point. Do you think Juan deserves more than what he has?

M: I don´t know him well enough, but I do know many have too much without deserving it…

Translated by doike on youtube