Juan y Monica-3




A: What´s his name?

J: Segundo Quintana.

A: He can stay at the administrators house. What I´d like you to do, Juan, is to make the arrangements for Mónica´s school.

J: Do you have a school?

A: Well. That´s the way I call it. She has insisted so much….my love!

Ai: I wanted to join you at breakfast.

A: How good! It was about time. Now I do want you to meet Juan. Aimeé, my wife.

J: Pleased to meet you, Señora.

Ai: It is my pleasure.

A: We just say by to Teresa, who´s just left.

J: May I?

M: Thanks.

J: What´s the problem with the school?

M: It´s very damaged. The roof needs to be fixe, painting, the desks are broken.

J: Who is going to teach the children?

M: I will.

A: Yeah, but for a short time. Monica wants to leave us.

J: Why? Are you going back to the nuns?

M: I dont know. Maybe.

Ai: She is always undecisive. She made a big noise about taking the habit and she went back.

Ai: You have to decide yourself!

Y: Good morning

J: Surely, your sister wants to think about it. Making hasty decisions may be dangerous. There are consequences.

A: It´s Monica´s decision and we mustn´t interfere.

J: As soon as we finish the breakfast we may go to the school, if you want to.

M: Thanks.

J: Why thanks? I´m simply obeying Andres orders…and this is a pleasant one.


* * *


M: You only have to do a thing: you must leave as soon as possible, forever.

J: It´s monotonous to listen to you. Don´t you have anything else to say?

M: Please, why are you prolonging this horrible situation? Accept what happened and go away!

J: I´ll leave, but not alone.

M: What do you mean?

J: I´ll take your sister when I leave.

M: Are you a fool? How dare you?

J: She loves me, in her own way but loves me. I´ll convince her.

M: No, you can´t do this.

J: Who´s going to stop me? You? Andres?

M: You can´t ruin one man´s honor and life. Theres a God in Heaven and…

J: Plese, don´t be such a child! Tell me on thing. You aren´t doing this for your sister, but for Andres. Don Noel was right when he told you took the habit for disappointment, wasn´t he? Because Andres left you. How can you defend the happiness for a man who changed you for another one?…


* * *


M: You, you have no heart.

J: I don´t have time for silly things.

M: İs it a silly things to fire older people because they can´t work as hard any longer?

J: I don´t know what you are talking about.

M: They said the order was yours.

J: You mustn´t believe whatevere they tell you about me.

M: Are you going to do anything?

J: I told you I have more urgent issues to resolve.

J: You! There were someworkers here some time ago. Where did they take the prisoner who was with them?

W: I don´t know. He may be in the country.

J: Where is Bautista?

W: I haven´t seen him. I don´t know.

J: Look for him, I want to know about the prisoner who was here.

M: Are you going to listen to me now? Or is a prisoner more important to you than 2 old people?

J: That prisoner is an innocent man, and a friend. Where is that people I fired, according to you?


 * * *


 M: May we.? Don´t be frightened. He is Juan, the new administrador

J: I gave no order for you to leave. Who told you so?

O: Bautista.

J: Did he say I gave the order?

O: No, but we thought so.

J: How long have you been living here?

O: Many years. Since old patron.

J: Did you meet him? Are the others fired same age?

O: All of them.

M: Why are you asking such question?

J: I´m curious

M: Bautista can no long fire anyone without a cause.

O: Maybe young Andres gave the order, or the señora.

J: I´ll take care. You can stay. …


 * * *


M: But if my madrina gave the order you´ll be in trouble.

J: Don´t worry, Saint Monica. It´s my problem now.

M: But it was my fault. I involved you in it.

J: Do you want me to tell you something? First of all, I want to apologise for what I told you in the morning. As you may have realised, I´m only dressed as a gentleman, but I do want to tell you if I had had you, only being blind, deaf or stupid, I´left you for another woman, and never for a whore as your sister.

W: Patron?

J: Yes?

W: Bautista went to the country, but there are some prisoners at the galeron.

J: Beg your pardon.

Translated by doike on youtube