Juan y Monica-4




J: If you´re  looking for Andres, he´s still at his bedroom, entertained by his wife.

M: What happened with Florindo? Does my already madrina know you ordered him to stay?

J: Yeah.

M: What happened? I may talk to her and explain you have no guilt. It´s unfair for you to pay..

J: Do you kno what´s your problem, Santa Monica? You´ve a martyr´s soul. You are willing to face Doña Sofia to get me out of trouble, and you face my rudeness to save Andres of the shame to know he married a whore. Don´t you realise people may take advantage of you?

A: Excuse me if  I´m late.

J: Don´t worry. Miss Monica kept me company, kindly.

M: Beg your pardon.


* * *


J: Come in.

M: Excuse. We´re going to have dinner, and Andres asked for Aimeé.

J: You only live for Andres, don´t you? I´m sorry, Aimeé is not here.

M: She is not in her bedroom, or anywhere else.

J: She is not here too.

M: I don´t believe you.

      Don´t touch me.

J: Santa Monica, don´t enter a man´s room, if you don´t want a man´s touch.


* * *


An: I think going to San Pedro would be good for you, mom. It´s not as hot as here.

DS: Heat doesn´t worry me, but I feel bored in San Pedro.

F: Your mom is right, Andres. Take her to the capital.

An: you are right. I didn´t thought about it. I think some famous italian opera singers are coming for the season…

DS: My God! He is alike him, I can´t help but stare.

An: What do you think, Mom?

DS: Thanks, son, maybe later.

F: Have you been to the capital?

J: Yes, but I don´t like the crowds.

Ai: I love Mexico. It´s so fun so….

J: How could I ever loved you? How did I not realise how frivolous and empty you were? And you, are as authentic as it seems? or you simply have had no chance of showing your weapons…as her.


* * *


M: Where are you taking her?

B: To the doctor, child.

M: But I told you to go to seek the doctor.

J: Go to get a doctor, now!

B: Beg your pardon.

DC: He said it was better to take her to the doctor.

M: She´s been unconscious since I found her. I don´t know what´s she doing here.

J: Azucena, it´s me, Juan.


* * *


M: I heard a noise. I thought it was Quintila, Florindo´s granddaughter.

J: What did she say? Where did she come from?

M: I´m sure as soon she has no longer fever…

DS: Monica. Ana told me there is a sick young girl in your room.

M: Yes. It´s a young girl I met in the convent, an orphan.

DS: What is she doing here?

M: I don´t know. She just came here and she is very sick. Bautista is taking the doctor

DS: It´s not approppriate to have a girl like that at my home and in your bedroom.

M: It´s doesn´t matter to me, madrina. Besides, I can take care of her.

DS: It´s not right. She will be taken to a servant´s room.

J: No! I mean, I´ll take her to my room.

DS: To your room?

J: What´s the problem? We´re both orphans, of the same class, and I don´t take advantage of innocent women.

F: Enough! Who does he think he is?


* * *


M: We have to have faith. God will not let her die.

J: I doubt very much that God would worry about these things.

M: Don’t say that.

J: If Azucena survives, it will not be by divine intervention, nor by the treatment of the Doctor… But for you… for these hands which I believe are capable of realizing any miracle.


* * *


M: I don´t think the same. Nothing happens in the world without Gods intervention.

J: Do you really believe that? I should be mad at him, then.

M: Don´t say that. We all should be grateful.

J: Why should I be? Because I´m a bastard, because I didn´t got a home, the love of a family,parents and siblings? And because I can´t even dream of having a decent woman´s love, my own children….

M: I don´t see why it´s not possible..

J: Because I have no name to offer. Without a name I´m only half a man in this world. As you may see, I don´t have a lot to thank God.

A: Juan! Is Monica here?

J: Yes. She is caring for the young girl.

A: It´s praisable what she is doing, but you shouldn´t have allowed.

J: Allowed WHAT???

A: A man´s room is not a proper place for a decent girl.

J: If your mom hadn´t made her be taken out…..

M: Were you lookin for me, Andres?

A: Yes. I understand you want to help her, but you shouldn´t be here. It´s incorrect.

J: Why?

     WHY? It´s not a love date. She came to take care for a sick girl.

M: Please, do not argue!

A: There are other people here to do that.

M: But I wanted to. She is an orphan I met in the convent.

A: Whatever you want, Monica. But this is a man´s room.

J: Do you think I´m a man capable of throwing myself to any woman available?

A: You can´t talk like that in front of a lady.

J: I´m not saying anything a woman of her age doesn´t already know.

M: Please…

A: You are maybe used to deal with other kind of girls.

J: Don´t be naive. A woman is always a woman. It doesn´t matter she was born in a stable or in a palace, and talking about the morality of the decent girls, allow me to say…

M: No! I made a mistake. I´m sorry. I won´t be back. End of trouble. Let´s go, please. I pray you, Andres.

A: Alright, but tomorrow I would like to speak to you…

J: Of course! …

Translated by doike on youtube