Juan y Monica-5




J: Good morning.

M: Good morning.

J: Can we talk?

M: Yes.

J: Were you goin to the chapel?

M: Yes.

J: Could we be less formal? (The difference between tú and usted is lost in english since “you” is the same word and usted is more formal and tú is more familiar)

M: Its alright.

J: Since when do you know I´m Francisco Alcazar´s son?

(Monica is troubled next phrases because she is getting used to talk more familiarly to Juan, and she corrects herself constantly)

M: Since you arrivedand my mom said you looked lie my uncle Francisco. She asked Don Noel later and he said so.

J: Why do you want to marry me?

M: If you don´t want to, if you don´t like me…

J: Sure I do. You are very nice, sweet, soft…

M: You are…handsome too.

J: Thanks, but you haven´t answered me yet. Why do you want to marry me?

M: Because everyone wants me to marry, and I think we can get on well.

J: You really think that?

M: Yes.

J: Then …

DC: Good morning.

J: Good morning, madam.

M: Hi, mom.

J: Take a seat, please.

DC: Thanks.

J: I didn´t have the chance of talking to you before, but thanks for giving me your Monica´s hand. I´d like us to marry soon.

DC: When?

J: As soon as the amonestaciones (I can´t find a right word for this. Not important for the story. It´s about what priests have to announce before any wed..) are ready.

DC: But we need time for the arrangements, invitations…

J: I have just a few friends, I can invite hem by myself, and a pair of weeks should be enough for the trousseau. Besides, I have no social life, so Monica will need few clothes.

DC: As you like it.

J: I´d like also a simple ceremony. Do you agree, Monica? Doy you prefer a big wedding, as your sister´s?

M: No, a simple one will be better.

J: Last, I will accept no dowry.

DC: but….

J: No, I do insist. Monica herself is such a big prize there is no need of money or properties. I assure you I can treat her as a queen. Beg your pardon.

DC: Did you see? He avoided me the shame of telling him you had no dowry. How is he going to support you? I don´t think he is rich. Is Andres going to help him?

M: Juan has money, mom.

DC: How do you feel?

M: Good.

DC: Are you sure? If you aren´t, I can…

M: No, mom. Everything’s done. No regrets.


* * *


Ai: You want revenge, because you never accepted Andres left you.

M: Think whatever you want!

Ai: You are dirty! (double sense). I loved Juan, at least, and you´ll bed him feeling revolted.

M: It´s my business. I´m glad he accepted, because you´ll never get him again.

Ai: He doesn´t love you. He wants me to feel jealous!

M: I don’t care!! I am willing to do anything! To suffer any humiliation but I will have the satisfaction to know you did not get what you wanted. I don’t care if he loves me or not. What matters is that I took him away from you!!

Ai: You didn´t take him away from me! He still loves me, and when he is loving you he´ll be thinking about me!

M: I don´t care even if he is thinking about the devil himself.

Ai: You don’t have to sacrifice yourself. I promise I won´t see him again!

M: I don´t believe you.

Ai: You´ll ruin your life! You don´t know him. Besides, Andres doesn´t want you to marry him.

M: Why?

Ai: He will explain. He is waiting for your in his office. That´s why I came for you. Don´t be stubborn.

J: Monica? Were you with your sister?

M: Yes. She came to tell me Andres wanted to talk to me.

J: Why?

M: I don´t know.

J: It´s Agustina Calero´s house.

M: I know about it.

J: It´s not very big, but it´s the only one available in San Pedro. Don Noel told me it´s for sale and I´ll buy for us. Do you agree?

J: As you say.

M: You still can say no if you have any regret.

J: Monica told me you wanted to talk to her.

An: Yes.

J:  Here she is…..


* * *


M: Juan, you don´t know what I´ve just been up to.

J: What is the matter?

M: It´s terrible, not human.

J: Calm down please!! If you don´t explain, I can´t help you.

M: As we are leaving today, I went to say good bye to Quintila.

J: Yes…

M: Meche and Azucena were there… they told me something terrible.

J: What??

M: Bautista takes the girls away from their families and he takes them to…a place where men go! It´s terrible!

J: Please, calm down!

M: Are you going to do something? I looked for Andres, but he isn´t here.

J: I´ll do my best but I can´t do anything if you don´t calm down…

M: But….

J: Take a seat.

M: You don´t care about that happens to those people, do you?

J: Sure I do. It hurts me, makes me angry. But I can´t do a thing.

M: What?

J: My whole life wouldn´t be enough to fix just a tiny part of all the injustices around us. I can take care about Florindo´s granddaughter, if you want me to, but everything will be the same as soon as I leave.

M: I´m sure Andres does not know about it.

J: It doesn´t mind. Andres is an aristocrat who pays his luxuries with pawns blood.

M: No, he isn´t.

J: You don´t know a thing!

     You are also part of the oppressors, careless of others, and as a spoiled child who never looked further than your home. You don´t know about the shit that surrounds you. Are you scared about what happened to Florindo´s granddaughter. Did you know kids suffer the same fate? And they are kicked, tortured, degraded…?

     It´s not your fault, Monica. Please. Forgive how rude I was.

Translated by doike on youtube