Juan y Monica-6




J: Hello.

M: Good afternoon

J: Can I come in?

M: Its just that… My mother is having a rest.

J: I didn´t come to see her.

M: It´s not approppriate for us to be alone.

J: We´ve been alone before.

M: Yes, but…We weren´t engaged

J: Don´t you think it´s silly? I won´t take advantage of you. Don´t be scared. I just want to agree about stuff.

M: Ok then. Please, take a seat.

J: Thanks. First thing, how have you been?

M: Fine, thanks. And you?

J: Fine. I went to the Registro Civil this morning with Don Noel and Dona Sofia.

M: Is evertyhing alright?

J: Yes, I do have my surname now.

M: I´m glad

J: So there are no obstacles for the wedding or….did you change your mind?


J: When are we going to the church for the amonestaciones?

M: When you want to.

J: Tomorrow?

M: That´s fine

J: I´ll come for you tomorrow at 10. Is that ok? Who are going to be your witnesses?

M: My mom, of course, and maybe Licenciado Mancera.

J: And your family? Andres and your sister?

M: I don´t know. I don´t think so.

J: Are you going to invite them?

M: I´ll invite them, but…

J. You think they are not coming, don´t you?….When you followed me in Campo Real to convince not to talk to Andres, you were more talkative than now.

M: There were more important issues to discuss than now….

J: Now what? Do you think our marriage is less important than Andres´ happiness? I want you to talk, to open (terrible word, lo sé) to me. I want us to know each other. I want to know what you like, or what disturbs you, what do you think about me, or what do you expect from me.

M: I expect you…to be a good husband.

J: What´s a good husband for you? Tell me with your own words, thinking about our life together.

M. I expect you won´t yell at me, to be polite, respectful and to be an honest man.

J: That’s a good definition for a father or a brother. Between spouses there is……not love, because there isn´t between us, but intimacy. Don´t you think about it?

M: I do.

J: And then?

M: We are suppossed not to talk about such things.

J: You really are very different from your sister.I´m leaving now. What a relief, right? Tomorrow at 10, then?

M: Yes.

J: Give my regards to your mother.

M: Thanks

J: See you.


* * *


Priest: Dona Catalina, how good to see you!

DC: My pleasure, father.

P: And you, Monica. How have you been?

M: I´ve been fine, father. Thanks.

P: I´m glad.

M: This gentleman (caballero) is Juan Alcazar y Valle.

P: Are you related to Andres Alcazar?

J: Yes.

DC: We´ve come because Monica is going to get married.

P: Are you going to marry? To who?

J: To him.

P: How good!. Congratulations

J: Thanks. We want to set the date.

P: Yes, of course!

J: But Monica says there things to fix before the wedding. You´ll see, I haven´t been baptized, I haven´t received te Holy Communion…I didn´t fulfill such details.

P: And you call them details.


* * *


DC: I hadn´t been so embarrassed in my life.

M: It isn´t Juan´s fault, mom.

DC: I know, but it is inconceivable his father…..

J: Carmona wasn´t my father.

DC: I know but….sit down, Juan. I´ll be back in a minute. I´ll go to the kitchen.

J: You are really ashamed, aren´t you?

M: No, I´m not.

J: Don´t lie to me.

M: Ok then. Let´s say it´s uncommon to find a person who isn´t even baptized.

J: Millions of people around the world don´t know about such thing.

M: Yes… Other races, people who don´t believe in our religion.

Ai: Who are you both?

M: What are you doing here?

Ai: I came for a few days. I´m sorry if it bothers you. How are you, Juan?

J: What about your husband?

Ai: He took me here and he went back to Campo Real. My mom?

M: She´ll be back now.

Ai: Sit down Juan. Don´t be stood up.

J. No, thanks. I´m leaving.

     Say goodbye to your mom for me, please. Beg your pardon.

Ai: He did it to upset me, to make me feel jealous.

M: He also kissed me yesterday… and you were not around.


* * *


Ai: Juan.. Juan! We have to talk! You cannot marry her!!

J: I too need to talk to you.

Ai: Damn her!

M: Aimee!

Ai: See? She is a gossip! You better leave now, I will go find you in your cabin tonight.

J: Its no use, because you will not find me.

M: Open the door, Aimee!!!

J: The only thing I want to tell you is that I don’t want you to try to prevent me from marrying your sister, because I swear to you that this time I will not forgive you for it.

Ai: Juan!!… Juan!!

Translated by doike on youtube