Juan y Monica-7




Ai: Are you such a fool nothing matters to you? Even if I´m carrying his child? What´s the point if you marry him…we still will see each other again. Do you think you captivated him because of a few kisses? Juan loves just me, understand it! just me! Even if you bed him, it will be to satisfy his needs as a man.

M: Enough! You are the worst of the worst. You enjoy saying terrible things to me when all of this began because of you! Why didn´t stay with Juan and you left Andres for me?

Ai: I wish I had done so! Stupid!

J: Monica! Monica! What happens to you? Calm down, please. Calm down, I don´t like to see you crying. What is wrong???

      Take a seat.

M: No

J: I only want to talk to you. I thought you´d be more comfortable.

M: It´s not approppriate. Let´s go inside. It´s better so.

J: Your mom and your sister are inside. I want to talk to you alone. Please, Monica, don´t be so prudiced. Besides, we´ll be married in a few weeks. ok?..

     Why were you crying?

M: I got upset with my sister.

J: Why?

M: Stuff. Family affairs.

J: As I´ll be part of the family soon, I want to know exactly what happened. Don´t you want to tell me about it?

M: Well….

J: What?

M: It´s personal, between Aimee and me.

J: Why did she come to San Pedro?

M: To visit us.

J: A visit? Or to plot to prevent our marriage? Did she convince you? Monica?


* * *


J: Good morning.

M: Good Morning. Mom says you want to talk to me.

J: Yes. Do you want to sit down? I came from Don Noel´s house. He told me you are breaking our engagement. Are you surprised he told me?

M. I….I didn´t think Don Noel…

J:….know about it? Probably your mom told him so. Why don´t you want to marry me anymore? What has changed since you agreed in Campo Real? When I met you, I thought you were very different from your sister, but I realise both of you are the same.

M: It´s not true.

J: Prove it, then. Do the opposite she always did! Tell me the truth. Why don´t you want anymore?

M: Its that… Aimee is carrying a child.

J: So what?

M: She says it´s yours.

J: You believed her?

M: Why not? I saw you leaving her bedroom yesterday, the same day she arrived. It means you still are seeing each other.

Ai: I didn´t know you were here.

       What is the matter???

J: Repeat in front of me what you told to your sister. How dare you say your child is mine if we haven´t been together since many months ago?

Ai: I didn´t say so. It isn´t true.

M: Sure you did!

Ai: When?

M: The day you arrived!

Ai: Are you crazy?

M: You even told me not to tell a thing to our mom not to ashame her.

Ai: You really lost your mind. How do you think I´d tell such a thing? If you want an excuse not to marry, invent anything but that!

J: As everything is clear now, and I´m not your sister´s child´s father, there is no cause for breaking up.

Ai: But she….

J: And about the visit made you the day you arrived… tell Monica the reason I looked for you. Did I tell you if you try to interfere with our marriage you´d end badly?

M: Was that the reason?

Ai: But I think you shouldn´t marry.

J: I don´t care of what you think.

Ai: But you should, since just a fool would marry a woman who despises him, and who feels sicken.

M: That´s a lie!

Ai: No? You told me yourself!

J: Enough! Don´t torture your sister with your lies.

Ai: Lies? Tell him if they are lies!

M: Yes. She is lying.

J: Don´t spit out your venom. I won´t believe.

Ai: You, always criticising me….are 1000 times worst than me. Such hypocrits! I hope you´ll be as unhappy as you deserve!

J: Don´t be upset. We both know Aimee well enough. I was going to buy the furniture for our home. I hope when I´m back you won´t have changed your mind again. I would not like you to dump me a few days from the wedding.

M: No.

J: Do you swear? Not as your sister would, but for real. Swear in the name of God.

M: Yes, I swear.


* * *


J: Do you like it?

M: It´s really nice.

J: It´s my engagement ring.

M: Thanks.

J: Can I kiss you? ….


* * *


J: Hi.

M: Hi. Come in. I´ll call my mother.

J: Wait. I don´t understand you. You change from one day to another. Sometimes you are kind, even loving. After you close yourself  like an oyster.

M: My mom doesn´t want us to be alone.

J: Ok then. But it doesn´t justify your attitude. Did your sister make a plot of hers? When are you going to begin to trust me, Monica?

M: Because I don´t know you well.

J: Because we don´t talk. Becasuse there is someone else, always, your mother or other one. Those habits of yours… It´s ok, that´s the way you´ve been raised, full of wrong ideas. I hope it´s not to late for some things.

M: I know I´m ignorant in a lot of aspects, but if you are patient with me…

J: ….even if it´s not my strongest virtue…I promise you I´ll have all the patience in the world.

M: And I´ll try to be a good wife and do my duty.

(cumplir in this context has to do with sex as one of the “obligations” in a marriage..I couldn´t find the right word)

J: I don´t want you to do your duty, I want you to “want it”.

(that´s why Juan´s words make sense. Obligation opposite to desire)

Translated by doike on youtube