Juan y Monica-8




J: I was talking to Segundo. He wants to know what I´m going to do now. I´m going to trade. What do you think?

M: I don´t know.

J: What´s your opinion about the party?

M: Fine!

J: Would you have preferred something more strinkg?

M: No.

J: You look frightened. Are you afraid?

M: Yes.

J: Of what?

M: Its that I dont know anything about this.

J: Neither do I. I mean, it´s the first time that I get married.

    Don´t be frigthened.

    Do you mind if I get closer?

M: No

 J: Do you like it?

     I don’t know how much you know … or what others may have told you… but this can be so beautiful as one wishes to. You are so soft … tender….  I  would like if we forgot everything what had happened and started a new life together for both of us from now one…


* * *


J: Good morning.

M: Hi.

J: Why did you get up so early?

M: I always get up early.

J: For a moment I thought you had escaped.

M: Why?

J: Maybe because I am afraid you will.

J: What?

M: The girls can come.

J: So WHAT???! This is our house! We are married!…

M: I’ll go get your breakfast.