Juan y Monica-9




J: I want to know how generous you can be with others.

M: Why? I don´t understand you.

J: You know, despite my actual name, I´m one of the people, grew between the people. My friends are simple people, and when they visit me, they share my table. Sure, you don´t need to be with us if you don´t want to

M: No. I don´t have to look down on anyone.

J: And regarding Azucena… she is not here as a maid. I´d like her to be treated as family.

     Or what? Isn´t an orphan good company for a countess?

M: It´s not about that. I appreciate Azucena. I think she´s had a difficult life, and she deserves love and attention…but could she go back to the convent to complete her educacion?

J: You don´t want to have her here, do you?

M: It´s not about that, but…

J: Be sincere, for Gods sake! Tell me you despise her and that’s that!!!

M: It’s that…

J: It’s WHAT???

M: Maybe you and me have different customs.

J:Of course we do! But even if we are married I won´t change because of your aristocratic and decadent ideas!

M: But you can´t make me live under the same roof of a woman…..a woman who was yours!

J: Who told you ?

M: She told me.

J: When?

M: When I met her in the convent.

J: Then let me explain….

M: Don Noel did it. I don´t blame you. It was long time ago but, please, understand me, it´s not….

J: Are you prejudiced? or jealous? Answer me, please. I want to know.

J: Hi.

Ai: My mom asked me to bring you the clothes you left.

M: You shouldn´t have bothered.

Ai: Not at all. Besides, I wanted to talk to you. Juan, please, show your bedroom to Lupe to put the clothes properly.

M: I´ll do.

J: No, no, no!! Stay and talk to your sister. I´m sure she wants to ask you a few personal questions. I hope your answers will satisfy her. Lupe!

Ai: As Juan mentioned, tell me, what about last night?

M: Very well.

Ai: I don´t believe you.


* * *


Ai: What happened?

L: Mr Juan didn´t want me to tidy up.

J: As soon as they tidy they´ll give your case back.

M: But it´s mom´s case, not hers.

J: I´ll leave you, then, to let you talk.


* * *


J: Don´t tell me you were in the kitchen!

M: And why does that surprise you?

J: Do you know how to cook?

M: Sure!

J: What is this?

M: Sweet guayaba.

J: Is it good or did you put salt in it instead of sugar??

M: Juan, I know how to cook.

J: I´m starting to believe you are sort of a witch, and you want to trap me by any means.

M: Don´t tell me that.

J: Yes… its´ true

M: I thought you were hungry.

J: But for you…

M: You are daring.

J: Does it bother you?

M: I don´t know, the fact is I never thought it would be this way…

J: When two people love each oth…. what do you feel abot me? What did you feel last night?

M: Please, don´t ask me about that. It bothers me to talk about certain things.

J: Ok, let´s see how good cook you are.

M: Yes, in a minute


* * *


M: I also know how to make preserves, marmalades, liquors…

J: Where did you learn? At home or with the nuns?

M: Both.

J: What else do you know?

M: To sew, to embroider, to go shopping, I also play the piano and speak a but of french.

J: That is, everything a good wife should know!…

     Forgive me, Monica, forgive me. Many things your kind consider important aren´t important to me. Of course a woman should take care of her home, but that souldn´t be all.

M: What else should a wife know?

J: Asides being a wife, she is a woman, a human being with thoughts, opinion, capable of making decisions.

M: I´ve been taught a woman must be prudent and obey her husbands orders.

J: What if you don´t agree? Let´s suppose I order something wrong, what would you do?

M: Nothing, I would obey.

J: Is that the reason you put a dish for Azucena?

M: Yes, but she didn´t want to come for lunch.

J: You let me know this morning you didn´t want her to be here. Are you sacrificing yoursef again, Santa Monica?

M: Please, don´t call me like that again!

J: And don´t take again a martyr´s part! I don´t want a slave, but a woman, so argue, fight, tell me your feelings!

M: What for? It will be done as you say, anyway.

J: Don´t you think you can make me change my mind?


* * *


M: You have a really nice ship

J: I´m thinking I´ll buy a new one.

M: If you do so, I hope you´ll choose another name

J: What do you think about Santa Monica?

M: Please, I already told you…

J: But it sounds nice! Santa Monica.. I like it, as I like you. No, you are not leaving now. What do you think about me? Am I better or worse than your thoughts?

M: Better.

J: What do you feel about me?

M: Can you let me go, please? I can´t talk like this…

     I feel… you are very nice, noble…. and I love you very much.

J: Is that so? Why are you crying?

M: I don´t know, I feel ashamed, I guess.

J: Don´t feel ashamed with me, ever! You are getting into me as a sickness. I don´t know what I´m going to do with you…

M: Whatever you want.

J: Don´t lie to me, ever. I couldn´t stand it from you.

M: I won´t do, ever. I swear it.

Translated by doike on youtube