Juan y Monica-10




J: Maybe I made a mistake bringing Azucena to this house. I didn´t think about you. Actually, I didn´t know you knew how I met her.

M: Don Noel told me.

J: Why?

M: Aimee came to visit me to the convent, once. Azucena saw her and told me about what was going on between both of you. She was angry and jealous, and she told me you and her. Then I asked Don Noel whether it was true or not. He explained to me how you met her…and all of it.

J: What did you think? Did you think I was a poor devil taking advantage of such a young girl? I know it´s not a justification, but every man does it, and there are thousands of unlucky ones as Azucena, who can´t make a living by other means. Azucena and I have a lot in common. We both lived at the street, were beaten, battered. We´ve known hunger, and cold, and we fought to move on. She had back luck, born female. Being poor, it´s easier to defend oneself  being male. Women gets worse luck, so don´t  judge her hardly.

M: No. I understand.

J: I want her to get married, but I´ve found none and if I take her back to the convent, she will run away again. She is young and impulsive. She can go back to what she did before.

M: Ok, let her stay here, then.

J: But her presence bothers you.

M: Not now, you explained to me.

J: Let´s do a thing. I´ll leave it in your hands. Talk to her and make a decision. Right?

M: If you want me to.

J: What I want is to see you happy…. That you will never regret being maried to me and to understand those who weren´t as fortunate as you.


* * *


M: Hi.

J: Hi. What´s up?

M: Mom came. She wanted to know how I was.

J: What did you tell her?

M: I´m fine .

J: Are you?

M: Yes. She also talked about a boy for the house.

J: It´s your home now. Your choice.

M: Thanks. I talked to Azucena.

J: What happened?

M: I had to be tough.


* * *


M: Dad died when we were very young. Afterwards, mom sent Aimee to the capital with aunt Amalia, and I began to study with the nuns.

J: Why did your mom get rid of your sister?

M: Well, she did not get rid of her, the thing is… She didn´t have money and she wanted both of us to have an education and she took my aunts offer, who promised to take care of her.

J: Was Aimee engaged to Andres when she arrived at San Pedro?

M: I don´t know.

J: You don’t know?…

M: Well… She told us they had seen each other in Mexico but…

J: He still was your fianceé.

M: Yes.

J: He left you, didn´t he?

M: Yes.

J: Because of Aimee?

M: Yes

J: Does it hurt you much?

M: No.

J: Don´t lie. Anyone who´s rejected feels hurt. That´s why you wanted to take the habit. Because of the deception.

M: Please, I do not want to talk about it.

J: Why not?

M: You yourself said that it was better to forget the past.

J: I know I told you that, but it seems to be impossible. Maybe if you´d tell me everything… if you opened up to me, and were sincere with me!…

M: I want to, but I still can´t. I don´t trust you enough.I feel ashamed, and I fear you won´t understand me and get angry.

J: I don´t want you to be frightened.

M: But I´m scared of you.

J: Ok, then. I´ll wait. But we do have to have this conversation, for our own good.

M: I know.

Translated by doike on youtube