Juan y Monica-11




An: How are you, Juan? I arrived this morning and I came to greet you.

J: How are you?

An: Fine, Thanks. You have a nice house.

J: Do you think so?


* * *


J: You were nervous when I arrived. Yes or No??!!!!

M: Yes.

J: Why?

M: Because… yes.

J: That´s not a reason.

M: It is that… Andres was telling me that……

J: What?

M: That he and Aimee decided to live here.

J: Why are you worried?

M: You know…

J: No, I don´t. I want you to tell me

M: I fear Aimee will look for you.

J: Would you feel hurt for me…. or for Andres?

M: For you, because you are my husband, but because of him too, since he doesn´t deserve it.

J: Why do you care for that idiot? It´s his problem, he decided to marry a shameless!

M: You wanted to marry her, too!

J: Very well. I see we are talking now. Let´s talk, then… but with the truth, Monica. Only with the truth. Do you agree?

M: Yes

J: Will you tell me everything?

M: Yes.

J: Who´s first? You or me?

M: You.

J: There isn’t much to tell. You know my story. Your sister came for me, we became lovers, she said she loved me, and she swore she would marry me. She didn´t. You know the rest of it. Your turn.

M: I was told since I was a child I was marrying Andres. My mom and my godmother had made the agreement for the engagement. As I was growing, all my thoughts and hopes… he was the only one and noone else. Sure, I should have imagined something was wrong, since he never wrote me.

J: And you?

M: Nor did I.

J: Why?

M: For shame. Besides because it is the man who should do it first! Of course that my godmother always said that in his letters he would send me greetings…

J: Was it true?

M: How would I know?  He had to stay for a while in the capital after coming back, and he met Aimee. I knew he was back and I thought we´d begin with the arrangements for the wedding very soon. My godmother went to visit him to Mexico and when she came back, she told my mom he had forgotten our engagement and he could not follow through with it because he was in love.

J: With Aimee?

M: I found out later. I felt bad, of course. Andres had been my dream… and my hope of having a husband… children.

      Please, understand me. Besides, I also felt so ashamed… everyone knew about our engagement. Everyone would make jokes about me! The thought that everyone would laugh about me and would feel pity for me…I wanted to die! … really! Then, I decided to take the habit.

J: What did Andres say when he found out? Did he feel any remorse of provoking such an absurd decision?

M: He thought otherwise.

J: What do you mean he thought otherwise?

M: I told everyone I felt relieved he had broken the engagement because religion was my truly vocation.

J: You do have pride!


* * *


J: And you began to hate her when you were told that she was the woman Andres had fell for.

M: I was affected… but as far as hating her…

J: Lying now?

M: I´m not lying! Because she is my sister and I cannot hate her!

J. Ok then. Lets say that you are angry at her because she destroyed your ‘young romantic girl in love with a prince charming’ dreams. And as she got your prince you decided to pay back. Your sister, despite being married, had a crush on me and you thought “I´ll take him away from her as she took Andres from me”. Of course that you made this decision you found out that I was an Alcazar, soon to be recognized, because as hard as you´d like to defend Andres honor and take revenge on Aimee, you would never lower yourself to marry a dirty sailor nicknamed Juan del Diablo. Wasn’t that what you said??!!

M: She told you…

J: Did she lie?

M: It’s just that… It didn´t happen that way.

J: NO???! How did happen then??!

M: Aimee always mocked me saying I was a sanctimonius, and no man would ever notice me, even less after meeting her.

J: Did you believe that?

M: Why not? She is prettier, easy-going, she knows to talk, to entertain..

J: And so? You have other qualities that are a thousand times more important!

M: You are really kind but…when we fought and she told me such awful things. I wanted to hurt her too. But I never thought about you, ever. Really! Yes, it is true that I said that and that I also told my  mom I wanted to marry you to prevent Aimee to go back to you, but it wasn´t really true. Its just that… that I realized later…

J: What did you realise?

M: When I was with you I felt  “Don´t-know-what”… something that I didn´t know what it was, but I liked it very much. It´s true  and you know that! That´s why you looked at me …as you did!

J: And when did you realise about that “don´t know what”?

M: Since the day you told me if you had been my boyfriend… only deaf, blind, or dumb you´d have left me for another woman

J: Monica, are you lying to me?

M: No! Why do you always think that way?

J: Because I fear that it is not true everything that you are telling me! That you are telling me white lies. Or that you are saying it  because you have to.

M: It´s no like that! I love you! I love you very much! I don´t know since when….but you are the only important thing in my life. Please Juan, you have to believe me.

J: I believe you… I want to believe you!…  Because I need it too. But don´t let me doubt, Monica, don’t let me loose the trust… I ask you please…

M: Never. I swear.