Juan y Monica-12




M: Ready

J: You are gorgeous!

M: Really?

J: Yes! The prettiest of women.

M: I don´t believe you that.

J: But so you are for me.  Where do you want to go?

M: Wherever you take me.

J: Would you feel sorry for being with me in the street?

M: That´s my wish, to be seen by them and realise how proud I feel.

J: Let´s go.


* * *


Ai: What a surprise!

M: How are you?

Ai: Fine. I was going to visit you this morning. And you Juan, how are you? Are happy as a new wed?

J: Better than ever.

An: We went to the seafront, and I saw your ship.

J: Did you? I want to buy a new one.

Ai: Are we going to keep talking here? Why don´t you invite us a drink at your home?

J: Glad to…


* * *


M: Come in. Take a seat. I´ll ask for a refreshment in a minute.

Ai: I´d love to have chocolate, Monica.

J: Have a seat.

An: Thanks.

J: Do you want a brandy?

An: Yes, please.


* * *


J:But if you move here, who´s going to take care for the Hacienda?

An: Mom and Bautista will be there and And I will be going over there often.

Ai: Andres is thinking of staying in Campo Real from Tuesdays to fridays but he´ll stay with me here the rest of days. I´ll fell lonely, of course, but you and my mom are here, so I´ll have company.

An: Well, we have to go now. Thanks for your hospitality.

J:It´s been a pleasure.

An: Congratulations, Monica, you have a nice home.

M: Thanks.

Ai: Bye, sister. We will see each other. And you Juan, may you show us your ship someday.

J: Anytime you want.

An: See you.

J: Bye.

M: It´s good they left, right?

J: Yes.


* * *


J: Why are you so afraid? What can she do? Nothing, no?

M: You don´t really know her. She is mean, scheming, she did whatever she could to prevent our marriage. She even said that…

J: The thing about her baby or something else?… Tell me!

M: She said making love was horrible….Don´t laugh! You don´t know how I felt. The fear…

J: Was it horrible?

M: Don’t joke about that! I do fear her. Aimee is capable of anything.

J: Maybe, but I don´t feel anything to her.

M: In any case!

J:Do you want me to talk to her?

M: No, I will.

J: And what do you say about Andres?

M: What about him??

J: We´ve been talking about your sister…  it´s his turn now.

M: Do you want me to be sincere?

J: Yes.

M: I feel sorry for him. Are you upset?

J: I don´t know. I hated him for long years.

M: Why?

J: Don Noel says that it was for my complexes… and envy.  He is probably right. Then… when Aimee married him… I would have gladly killed him. But now that I have you I can be generous and compassionate…

M: You make me so happy…

J: You are the one who made me happy. I love you… I love you…


* * *


J: What are you doing? Why are you not coming to bed now? Monica, what´s the matter?

M: As a matter of fact, I have a problem.

J: What´s your problem?

M: It´s about Azucena.

J: What is it?

M: I am sorry but… she does not behave good with me.

J: Why?

M: She is insolent, specially when there is other people around us.

J: Any examples?

M: This afternoon, when we came back with Andres and my sister, I went to the kitchen for my sister´s chocolate there was a kid I hadn´t met..

J: Who?

M: Serafin.

J: I know him very well.

M: Yes, but she didn´t tell me so. She only said, quite arrogant, he was a friend of hers, and when I tried to make her see that before inviting anyone she had to ask for permission, she said she needed no permission. Afterwards, the kid introduced himself and told me who he was. I felt very uncomfortable, because I think that she tried to show off in front of Serafin and Meche she owes me no consideration . There have been more details similar to this one.

J: Why haven´t you told me before?

M: I thought I could manage.

J: I´ll talk to her tomorrow.

M: Don´t be to hard on her. I think she is jealous.

J: She can be as jealous as she wants, but I won’t allow her to disrespect you!

M: Yes, of course. But in any case, be kind.

J: I know how to deal with Azucena. I don´t like you to keep things from me. Whatever it happens, I want you to tell me immediately. Will you? You belong to me now. If anyone offends you, they offend me as well. Understand?

M: Is it true you don´t feel anything for Aimee any longer?

J: How am I going to feel anything, if I have you?


* * *


J: Meche told me she is out. Anything new?

M: I don´t know. She had gone when I went to the kitchen. I was thinking… as you have a bit of difficult temper and get angry easily… let me try again one last time.

J: I don´t think you´ll get a thing.

M: Please.

J: Well yes, I have a temper of the thousand devils… but you manipulate me as you wish…

M: It´s not true.

J: Yes… Am I not right when I say that you have bewitched me?