Juan y Monica-14




M: I´ll feel very lonely.

J: I´ll be out just for a few days.

M: Why don´t you take me with you? I´ve never travelled by sea.

J: Not this time, since it´s business, but as soon as I´m back I´ll plan another one just for us.

M: Just us?

J: With a few trustworthy men, who understand and disappear when we go up, and who don´t disturb us when we are alone. I love you so much, so much.. I´leaving now. I won´t be late.

M: I love you, Juan.

J: Hoşçakal.


* * *


J: Do you still have that headache?

M: A bit.

J: Are you sure there is no other thing else? You´ve been acting weird since I came back.

M: I told you I have this migraine.

J: If anything happened, please, tell me. I´m leaving tomorrow and I´m worried something happened…

M: M: No. Nothing happened.

J: You still doubt about me, don´t you? Do you think I lied you about that woman?

M: No, it´s not like that.

J: Then? Please, Monica. If I did anything that disturbed you…

M: It´s nothing. Just the headache.


* * *


M: Juan…

       Ay, my love, why did you come? You shouldn´t have done it. You have to leave right away!!

J: No.

M: Andres already knows about you and Aimee.

J: Yes, I know. Don Noel and Tuerto were wating for me outside the town. They told me everything.

M: Andres got mad. And I don´t want a confrontation between both of you. I don´t want anything happens to you , my love, or to him. He´s your brother.

J: Don´t worry. I´ll talk to him.

M: He won´t listen to you!

J: Monica!… He will have to! I´ll tell him how things happened.

M: But I alreay told him, and so Don Noel did, too. He doesn´t accept that. Please, my love, let´s go together!

J: I won´t escape, Monica. It´s not my fault.

M: But Andres won´t listen to you.

J: Trust me.

M: I implore you. Let´s go, my love!

J: No Monica! If I leave, I would admiting it was my fault, and and you know well that it wasn´t!.

M: It doesn´t matter! My love, please,  lets leave!! I beg you!

J: Monica, I can´t escape. It goes against my way of thinking. I would regret it for life.

M: I´m afraid. If anything should happen to you, I couldn´t live. I love you Juan. You are the only thing that matters to me in this life!


* * *


M: Why were there soldiers on the road?

J: I don’t know.

    Don Noel and Tuerto will be here soon. We´ll got to my house on the beach, and at dawn he´ll go for Andres.

M: What if he comes with people to kill you?

J: He won´t tell him I´m there.

Soldiers: Halt! Don´t move! Who´s in the house?

M: What happens?

       Juan please, don´t go out!

J: Go back to the bedroom.

Translated by doike on youtube