Juan y Monica-15




T: Juan…  Juan, some nuns are coming.

M: Juan… juan…

J: Monica, need you so much!

M: sshh!

      My love… your injury?

J: I´m allright. I thought you didn´t want to see me.

M: How can you think that? I´ve been so worried…

J: Monica, do you think I´m guilty?

M: No, my love, no.

J: What if I´m convicted?

M: That´s not going to happen.

J: Would you forget me if I were convicted?

M: Never.

J: I was told Andres wants to take my name away and annul our marriage so that you..

M: Don´t pay attention to him. He is irrational. He doesn´t know what he says.

J: What if he convinces you? You used to love him, enough to marry me…

M: sshhhh…that´s over now. Now my life is you. You are my love. My soul and my life belong to you.

J: Monica, listen to me, listen to me, please. I can endure anything, confiment, knocks, humiliation….even not seeing you again, but your love, Monica, your love, don´t take it away from me.

M: It would be as taking my life away.

J: I miss you so much…  I´ll make you sick

M: No. I love you, I love you

Nun: Monica, let´s go

J: Are you coming back?

M: I´ll try.

J: if I´m convicted, I´ll escape. Would you go away with me?

M: To the end of the world… I do have to leave.

J: Monica, don´t let them convince you. Remember, I prefer death to you giving yourself to Andres, even to save me.

M: My love is yours.. forever.

J: Don´t ever doubt about my love..

M: My love…

J: Monica! Trust me. I swear we´ll see each other soon.

M: I love you

J: So do I.