Juan y Monica-18




M: Juan…

J: Monica…

M: I can´t believe it…

What´s the matter?

J: I told you I´d come back …


* * *


M: How did you think? It´s dangerous.

J: I wanted to see you.

M: Why did you come from the door?

J: I entered from the bathroom.

M: There is a man watching.

J: He didn´t see me.

M: I´m afraid you are doing such things.

How is your wound?

J: Better.

M: Is that so?

J: May I show you…?


* * *


M: I love you so much.

J: I love you.

M: You are my life.

J: So are you. None will put us apart, nor death.

M: May we die together.

J: It will be so.


* * *


J: I just had a knife. When I saw them, I yelled at him to leave her. He used her as a shield and shot me. I heard another shot almost immediately and I saw Espindola falling. Tuerto did it. He´d come behind me. You have to understand I can´t let such a loyal man be imprisoned after saving my life. I have a chance if I claim self-defense while he has none. Everything will be fixed, and we´ll be together again soon, you´ll see. If judge doesn´t leave the house soon, we´ll go to the palapa. Would it matter to you?

M: I´d go till the end of the world with you.

J: I went to see Azucena.

M: To Romero´s house?. You dare too much, Juan.

J: I had to see her. She is carrying a child.

M: Who told you?

J: Segundo. You already knew, didn´t you?

M: Yes.

J: Why didn´t you tell me?

M: I preferred her to be the one who told you.

J: It was Guadalupe Gajiga, that asshole.

M: What are you going to do?

J: I´ll see, but first I asked her to leave that job and come with you. Are you bothered?

M: No, but, Juan, I can´t stand being here anymore. Mom harasses me constantly.

J: She doesn´t want you to come back to me, does she?

M: No. I want to leave. Take me away with you.

J: No. It´s not life for you.

M: I´m strong. I got used to hard work and sacrifice in the convent.

J: It´s not about that, Monica. I´m in constant danger.

M: We´ll share it.

J: No, I´d be worried about you. I need a focused mind, alerted senses. I wouldn’t be with you by my side. I´d have given my life to avoid all of this. I promised a quiet and happy life and… you see.

M: You are my happiness, Juan.

J: I love you so much.


* * *


J: Not that, Monica.

M: That´s what I told them.

J: They are my family, my brothers. I´ve known them for years. They´ve been with me in the good and the bad times. They love and trust me.

M: They wanted to blame you and say you took away Aimee by force, but I opposed. Afterwards, they wanted to say it had been their decision to avoid Aimee talking about what he saw.

J: I won´t accept innocent people to be imprisoned to defend your sister´s honor.

M: I also told them not to. I already had told everything to Lcdo Romero, even that it was my Godmother and Alberto´s set up.

J: Did he believe you?

M: I don´t know.

J: Don Noel doesn´t trust him.

M: There is a problem between both of them. Do you remember Don Noel mentioned Madam Amanda?

J: Yes.

M: Judge´s sister in law. She has a daughter… and Don Noel is her father.

J: Is that so? …


* * *


M: Are you comfortable in that refuge?

J: I´m alright, don´t worry. Please, turn off the light.

M: My love, take care, do it for me.

J: Everything I do, I do it for you, because I have to fill my promise. Are you going to mass this sunday?

M: I always do.

J: Go to the one at 10.

M: Why?

J: Because I want you to pray for me.

M: I´m so happy I´ve seen you, but I fear for you.

J: I love you.