Juan y Monica-21



M: What are you going to do?

Az: Juan wants me to get married.

M: To that man, Cajiga?..

M: Juan, my liffe…

J: I promised you.

M: I know, but I was so afraid.

Az: I knew he wouldn´t beat you

J: I had luck.

Az: Searfin?

J: I guss he will be with Don Noel. They´ll let me know.

Az: Well, beg your pardon.

J: My love

M: You look tired.

J: Yes.

M: You are taking too many risks coming here.

J: Segundo is helping me distracting the policeman.

M: Thanks for not hurting Andres.

J: I couldn´t, but I fear he will consideer this an humiliation.

M: Pedro told us. Nevertheless, anyhting is better than losing the life.

J: Maybe he would have preferred so. I think he will never get over of all that happened.

M: Are you talking about Aimeé?

J: Yes. He blames me for all of it.

M: You think he will go on harrassing you. What if we leave San Pedro?

J: Do you think it would stop him? He has a lot of money. He could spend his whole life chasing us.

M: Why? This has to end.

J: What if it never ends? I promised you a whole, happy life. But I´m no fulfilling this promise.

M: Its not your fault.

J: Anyway, how much can you endure? A day will arrive when you´ll regret our marriage.

M: No, Juan, never.


* * *


M: Don´t open. I´ll go. Please, hide yourself.

Jo: Serafin is in prison.

J: In prison?

Jo: Señor? Here?

J: How do you know it?

Jo: I saw him in te morning. Mr. Marcelo (RV) put him in the servants room and he took him.

J: To jail?

Jo: That´what Mrs Amanda told me. She asked me to warn you. I first led mss Mariana to the court, left to Don Noel´s and as there was none, I came here.

J: I´ll surrender, so they let him free.

M: No, Wait till Don Noel arrives. Please, Juan. We don´t know for sure he will be free if you do so.

J: Dammit. I should have killed him, He deceiveed me. He told me they would free Serafin after the duel.

M: Do you think Andres turn Serafin in?

J: Sure, who else?

Jo: Señor. Do you want me to do anything else?

J: Yes, go back to DN, wait for him, and bring him here. Tell him I need him, urgently,

M: I may go t see Lcdo Romero. I can pray, beg, I don´t tink he´s as bad as Don Noel and his sister in law say.

J: You won´t get anything.

M: Let me try.

J: I´m the one who has to go. Serafin is in prison because of me.

M: Please, stay till Don Noel arrives, at least.

J: Monica, don´t you realise if Serafin talks all of us will be compromised, even Azucena? Do you want to see her in prison? Pragnant?

M: Well, then. Lets suppose he has already done it, and everyone is arrested. What do you fix being in prison yourself? I´m tired of angst and anxiety. I don´t want to see you in that place again. I couldn´t stand it. Please.

J: I promised you a very different life, didn´t I? Look at what I gave you, anxiety, shame…

M: That´s not what I meant. So many things have happened, one after other one,. We haven´t had any moment of peace. I don´t know what to do anymore.

J: I´ve been vey selfish, just thinking about me, my needs, feeling you are mine..

M: I am. We are both one of the other one. You know I couldn´t live without you. You are my whole life, my husband.

J: Good husband, yours.

M: Don´t say that!. I love you, I love you and I want to share everyhing with you, but, please, look for another solution. I couldn´t stand seeing you in prison again.

J: You won´t. Don´t worry

M: Thanks….


* * *


M: Please..Did you talk to Joaquin?

DN: Yes. everything is fixed. Serafin is the canteen with Tuerto.

J: Wasn´t he in jail?

DN: They were questioning him when I arrived to the Court.

J: Did he say anythingg?

DN: No, nothing that can´t be repaired. Doña Sofia was the one who gave him to Romero, not Andres, surely trying to avoid the duel.

M: I´m glad everyting is fixed.

J: Do you want a coffee or a refreshment?

M: I´ll bring you in a minute

J: Have a seat.


* * *


Az: It´s tue. There is nobody outside.

J: I´m leaving now, then.

M: Why? You can stay here.

J: It´s your mother´s house. I prefer not to be here.

M: I´ll go for my things.

J: No, let´s wait till everything is over.

M: But…

J: Please. I´ll feel better, free to do what I have to.

M: You can do it from here.

J: Please, don´t insist.

M: When are you coming?

J: I´ll let you know. See you.

M: Yes Juan

DN: See you soon

J: See you.