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Juan y Monica-13




J: Finally! Both sisters together!

Ai: Hi Juan.

J: How are you, Aimee?

Ai: Well, and you?

J: Not as fine as you! You look really nice today. Why the pleasure of your visit?

Ai: I came to ask for a favor to Monica… and you, of course.

M: I already told her it´s not possible.

J: How can we help you?

Ai: I told Monica everyone, including mom, are going to Campo Real, and as it´s not proper for me to leave alone, Could I stay with at your home?

J: It will be our pleasure.

Ai: How nice of you.

M: No!

J: Are you going to refuse? Don´t be resentful. Count on that, Aimee. You know this is your home.

Ai: Thanks, Juan. It will be just for a few days.

J: As long as you want to.

Ai: See you soon, sister. Besides, it´s so hot in the hacienda these days, But as soon as my mom is back, I´ll leave.

J: It will be a pleasure.

Ai: See you soon.

M: What´s the matter with you? How can you do this to me?

J: And you? How could you say you loved me? When you were thinkg about that moron all the time!

M: What are you talking about?

J: And don´t put that victim expression! You are worse than your sister, because she at least does not hide what she is!

M: Why are you talking to me like this? What did I do?

J: Why did you make me believe you had forgotten Andres?

M: Because its true!

J: Don´t be such an hypocrit, Monica! Because I could kill you!  At least be brave enought to say the truth!

M: It is the truth!

J: What is this?”You are, and you will always be, my true love, till my last day”

M: Please, shut up, that´s a very old photograph!

J: Why did you take it here, then? To confort you when I leave?

M: I didn’t bring it here, I don´t know how it appeared.

J: Don´t lie to me! Azucena found it between your clothes.

M: Maybe it was mistaken.

J: Why should I believe you?

M:Because it is the truth.

J: Liar! I´ll tell you the truth.You still love him…

M. It´s not true!

J: And you made the biggest sacrifice marrying a pariah like me to protect him.

M: I told you it´s not like that.

J: You lied, because this is the only truth…and I´m a moron, a fool, for falling again in the same trap.

M: Please, let me explain…

J: No, I don´t want any explanation! I don´t want anything from you. And, if you thought you could manipulate me, you´ll see how I am, actually.


* * *


J: Don´t you dare to leave the house  if you don’t want me to drag you back here.

M: Please, at least let me…

J: Nothing. You don´t deserve a thing. And from this moment you are forbidden to speak when I am present.


* * *


J: La Señora?

Me: She is eating.

M: I began because I didn´t know you were coming. Have you eaten?

J: No.

M: Do you want any rice?

J: No. Where did you go this morning?

M: I went to the church and shopping. Joaquin accompanied me.

J: I don´t want you to go out with him any more.

M: Why?

J: Why didn´t you tell me Alberto de la Serna recommended him?

M: I was going to, but you told me to do as I wanted.

J: But in something related to Alberto de la Serna, you should have told me.

M: What are you going to do? Are you going to fire him only because he was recommended by Alberto?

J: I won´t fire him… yet, but I don´t want you to go out with him. Go out with Meche or Serafin, since that´s why they are here.

M: Why are you afraid?

J: I think it´s weird Alberto recommended him to your mom, precisely to plant him in my house.

M: How do you know that?

J: Your mother told Don Noel. I have enemies Monica, people who would pay anything to harm me. I have to be very careful with the people who surrounds me.

M: Why are you saying that? What can they do to you?

J: Would you feel hurt it anything happened to me? Or would you feel relieved?

M. Enough, Juan! I´m tired of your doubts, suspicions and insults. I didn´t put that photo in the case, Aimee was. My mother´s maid told me so, and if you don´t believe me, I don´t care. You have nothing to reproach me, but you….

J: Do you say this because of what they told you in the tavern?Monica… Monica…


* * *


J: Forgive me. I ask forgiveness for my doubts, for everything I told you… the issue is… I was very hurt by your sister..

M: It´s not my fault

J: Agreed. It´s not your fault, but when I met you, you were in love with another man, ready to do anything for him.

M: But not anymore. I´ve told you a thousand times and proved you. I gave myself to you with love, with my soul… with my trust!.. believing in your kindness… in your honesty! … thinking I was important to you.

J: So you are, Monica. You are the most important in my life, the most precious that ever happend to me.

M. Then why do you behave like that?

J: I´m jealous.

M: I´m jealous too.

J: Really?

M: Of course!. What do you think I am made of? Stone?! And I don´t care people say that´s how men are and women have to resign themselves!

J:Monica I swear, nothing happened between that girl and me!

M: But they told me….

J: They told you!.. They told you wrong! I´ll admit it was my intention… to get back at you… somehow… But I couldn’t! How can I be with another, if you are the only one who makes me crazy? Monica, believe me.

M: Ok. Will you doubt me again?

J: No

M: Is it true, Juan? I love you. I never thought it was possible to feel what I feel for you.

J: Monica, I don´t know what you did to me, but I´d let myself be killed for you.

M: So do I.

Translated by doike on youtube

Juan y Monica-12




M: Ready

J: You are gorgeous!

M: Really?

J: Yes! The prettiest of women.

M: I don´t believe you that.

J: But so you are for me.  Where do you want to go?

M: Wherever you take me.

J: Would you feel sorry for being with me in the street?

M: That´s my wish, to be seen by them and realise how proud I feel.

J: Let´s go.


* * *


Ai: What a surprise!

M: How are you?

Ai: Fine. I was going to visit you this morning. And you Juan, how are you? Are happy as a new wed?

J: Better than ever.

An: We went to the seafront, and I saw your ship.

J: Did you? I want to buy a new one.

Ai: Are we going to keep talking here? Why don´t you invite us a drink at your home?

J: Glad to…


* * *


M: Come in. Take a seat. I´ll ask for a refreshment in a minute.

Ai: I´d love to have chocolate, Monica.

J: Have a seat.

An: Thanks.

J: Do you want a brandy?

An: Yes, please.


* * *


J:But if you move here, who´s going to take care for the Hacienda?

An: Mom and Bautista will be there and And I will be going over there often.

Ai: Andres is thinking of staying in Campo Real from Tuesdays to fridays but he´ll stay with me here the rest of days. I´ll fell lonely, of course, but you and my mom are here, so I´ll have company.

An: Well, we have to go now. Thanks for your hospitality.

J:It´s been a pleasure.

An: Congratulations, Monica, you have a nice home.

M: Thanks.

Ai: Bye, sister. We will see each other. And you Juan, may you show us your ship someday.

J: Anytime you want.

An: See you.

J: Bye.

M: It´s good they left, right?

J: Yes.


* * *


J: Why are you so afraid? What can she do? Nothing, no?

M: You don´t really know her. She is mean, scheming, she did whatever she could to prevent our marriage. She even said that…

J: The thing about her baby or something else?… Tell me!

M: She said making love was horrible….Don´t laugh! You don´t know how I felt. The fear…

J: Was it horrible?

M: Don’t joke about that! I do fear her. Aimee is capable of anything.

J: Maybe, but I don´t feel anything to her.

M: In any case!

J:Do you want me to talk to her?

M: No, I will.

J: And what do you say about Andres?

M: What about him??

J: We´ve been talking about your sister…  it´s his turn now.

M: Do you want me to be sincere?

J: Yes.

M: I feel sorry for him. Are you upset?

J: I don´t know. I hated him for long years.

M: Why?

J: Don Noel says that it was for my complexes… and envy.  He is probably right. Then… when Aimee married him… I would have gladly killed him. But now that I have you I can be generous and compassionate…

M: You make me so happy…

J: You are the one who made me happy. I love you… I love you…


* * *


J: What are you doing? Why are you not coming to bed now? Monica, what´s the matter?

M: As a matter of fact, I have a problem.

J: What´s your problem?

M: It´s about Azucena.

J: What is it?

M: I am sorry but… she does not behave good with me.

J: Why?

M: She is insolent, specially when there is other people around us.

J: Any examples?

M: This afternoon, when we came back with Andres and my sister, I went to the kitchen for my sister´s chocolate there was a kid I hadn´t met..

J: Who?

M: Serafin.

J: I know him very well.

M: Yes, but she didn´t tell me so. She only said, quite arrogant, he was a friend of hers, and when I tried to make her see that before inviting anyone she had to ask for permission, she said she needed no permission. Afterwards, the kid introduced himself and told me who he was. I felt very uncomfortable, because I think that she tried to show off in front of Serafin and Meche she owes me no consideration . There have been more details similar to this one.

J: Why haven´t you told me before?

M: I thought I could manage.

J: I´ll talk to her tomorrow.

M: Don´t be to hard on her. I think she is jealous.

J: She can be as jealous as she wants, but I won’t allow her to disrespect you!

M: Yes, of course. But in any case, be kind.

J: I know how to deal with Azucena. I don´t like you to keep things from me. Whatever it happens, I want you to tell me immediately. Will you? You belong to me now. If anyone offends you, they offend me as well. Understand?

M: Is it true you don´t feel anything for Aimee any longer?

J: How am I going to feel anything, if I have you?


* * *


J: Meche told me she is out. Anything new?

M: I don´t know. She had gone when I went to the kitchen. I was thinking… as you have a bit of difficult temper and get angry easily… let me try again one last time.

J: I don´t think you´ll get a thing.

M: Please.

J: Well yes, I have a temper of the thousand devils… but you manipulate me as you wish…

M: It´s not true.

J: Yes… Am I not right when I say that you have bewitched me?

Juan y Monica-11




An: How are you, Juan? I arrived this morning and I came to greet you.

J: How are you?

An: Fine, Thanks. You have a nice house.

J: Do you think so?


* * *


J: You were nervous when I arrived. Yes or No??!!!!

M: Yes.

J: Why?

M: Because… yes.

J: That´s not a reason.

M: It is that… Andres was telling me that……

J: What?

M: That he and Aimee decided to live here.

J: Why are you worried?

M: You know…

J: No, I don´t. I want you to tell me

M: I fear Aimee will look for you.

J: Would you feel hurt for me…. or for Andres?

M: For you, because you are my husband, but because of him too, since he doesn´t deserve it.

J: Why do you care for that idiot? It´s his problem, he decided to marry a shameless!

M: You wanted to marry her, too!

J: Very well. I see we are talking now. Let´s talk, then… but with the truth, Monica. Only with the truth. Do you agree?

M: Yes

J: Will you tell me everything?

M: Yes.

J: Who´s first? You or me?

M: You.

J: There isn’t much to tell. You know my story. Your sister came for me, we became lovers, she said she loved me, and she swore she would marry me. She didn´t. You know the rest of it. Your turn.

M: I was told since I was a child I was marrying Andres. My mom and my godmother had made the agreement for the engagement. As I was growing, all my thoughts and hopes… he was the only one and noone else. Sure, I should have imagined something was wrong, since he never wrote me.

J: And you?

M: Nor did I.

J: Why?

M: For shame. Besides because it is the man who should do it first! Of course that my godmother always said that in his letters he would send me greetings…

J: Was it true?

M: How would I know?  He had to stay for a while in the capital after coming back, and he met Aimee. I knew he was back and I thought we´d begin with the arrangements for the wedding very soon. My godmother went to visit him to Mexico and when she came back, she told my mom he had forgotten our engagement and he could not follow through with it because he was in love.

J: With Aimee?

M: I found out later. I felt bad, of course. Andres had been my dream… and my hope of having a husband… children.

      Please, understand me. Besides, I also felt so ashamed… everyone knew about our engagement. Everyone would make jokes about me! The thought that everyone would laugh about me and would feel pity for me…I wanted to die! … really! Then, I decided to take the habit.

J: What did Andres say when he found out? Did he feel any remorse of provoking such an absurd decision?

M: He thought otherwise.

J: What do you mean he thought otherwise?

M: I told everyone I felt relieved he had broken the engagement because religion was my truly vocation.

J: You do have pride!


* * *


J: And you began to hate her when you were told that she was the woman Andres had fell for.

M: I was affected… but as far as hating her…

J: Lying now?

M: I´m not lying! Because she is my sister and I cannot hate her!

J. Ok then. Lets say that you are angry at her because she destroyed your ‘young romantic girl in love with a prince charming’ dreams. And as she got your prince you decided to pay back. Your sister, despite being married, had a crush on me and you thought “I´ll take him away from her as she took Andres from me”. Of course that you made this decision you found out that I was an Alcazar, soon to be recognized, because as hard as you´d like to defend Andres honor and take revenge on Aimee, you would never lower yourself to marry a dirty sailor nicknamed Juan del Diablo. Wasn’t that what you said??!!

M: She told you…

J: Did she lie?

M: It’s just that… It didn´t happen that way.

J: NO???! How did happen then??!

M: Aimee always mocked me saying I was a sanctimonius, and no man would ever notice me, even less after meeting her.

J: Did you believe that?

M: Why not? She is prettier, easy-going, she knows to talk, to entertain..

J: And so? You have other qualities that are a thousand times more important!

M: You are really kind but…when we fought and she told me such awful things. I wanted to hurt her too. But I never thought about you, ever. Really! Yes, it is true that I said that and that I also told my  mom I wanted to marry you to prevent Aimee to go back to you, but it wasn´t really true. Its just that… that I realized later…

J: What did you realise?

M: When I was with you I felt  “Don´t-know-what”… something that I didn´t know what it was, but I liked it very much. It´s true  and you know that! That´s why you looked at me …as you did!

J: And when did you realise about that “don´t know what”?

M: Since the day you told me if you had been my boyfriend… only deaf, blind, or dumb you´d have left me for another woman

J: Monica, are you lying to me?

M: No! Why do you always think that way?

J: Because I fear that it is not true everything that you are telling me! That you are telling me white lies. Or that you are saying it  because you have to.

M: It´s no like that! I love you! I love you very much! I don´t know since when….but you are the only important thing in my life. Please Juan, you have to believe me.

J: I believe you… I want to believe you!…  Because I need it too. But don´t let me doubt, Monica, don’t let me loose the trust… I ask you please…

M: Never. I swear.

Juan y Monica-10




J: Maybe I made a mistake bringing Azucena to this house. I didn´t think about you. Actually, I didn´t know you knew how I met her.

M: Don Noel told me.

J: Why?

M: Aimee came to visit me to the convent, once. Azucena saw her and told me about what was going on between both of you. She was angry and jealous, and she told me you and her. Then I asked Don Noel whether it was true or not. He explained to me how you met her…and all of it.

J: What did you think? Did you think I was a poor devil taking advantage of such a young girl? I know it´s not a justification, but every man does it, and there are thousands of unlucky ones as Azucena, who can´t make a living by other means. Azucena and I have a lot in common. We both lived at the street, were beaten, battered. We´ve known hunger, and cold, and we fought to move on. She had back luck, born female. Being poor, it´s easier to defend oneself  being male. Women gets worse luck, so don´t  judge her hardly.

M: No. I understand.

J: I want her to get married, but I´ve found none and if I take her back to the convent, she will run away again. She is young and impulsive. She can go back to what she did before.

M: Ok, let her stay here, then.

J: But her presence bothers you.

M: Not now, you explained to me.

J: Let´s do a thing. I´ll leave it in your hands. Talk to her and make a decision. Right?

M: If you want me to.

J: What I want is to see you happy…. That you will never regret being maried to me and to understand those who weren´t as fortunate as you.


* * *


M: Hi.

J: Hi. What´s up?

M: Mom came. She wanted to know how I was.

J: What did you tell her?

M: I´m fine .

J: Are you?

M: Yes. She also talked about a boy for the house.

J: It´s your home now. Your choice.

M: Thanks. I talked to Azucena.

J: What happened?

M: I had to be tough.


* * *


M: Dad died when we were very young. Afterwards, mom sent Aimee to the capital with aunt Amalia, and I began to study with the nuns.

J: Why did your mom get rid of your sister?

M: Well, she did not get rid of her, the thing is… She didn´t have money and she wanted both of us to have an education and she took my aunts offer, who promised to take care of her.

J: Was Aimee engaged to Andres when she arrived at San Pedro?

M: I don´t know.

J: You don’t know?…

M: Well… She told us they had seen each other in Mexico but…

J: He still was your fianceé.

M: Yes.

J: He left you, didn´t he?

M: Yes.

J: Because of Aimee?

M: Yes

J: Does it hurt you much?

M: No.

J: Don´t lie. Anyone who´s rejected feels hurt. That´s why you wanted to take the habit. Because of the deception.

M: Please, I do not want to talk about it.

J: Why not?

M: You yourself said that it was better to forget the past.

J: I know I told you that, but it seems to be impossible. Maybe if you´d tell me everything… if you opened up to me, and were sincere with me!…

M: I want to, but I still can´t. I don´t trust you enough.I feel ashamed, and I fear you won´t understand me and get angry.

J: I don´t want you to be frightened.

M: But I´m scared of you.

J: Ok, then. I´ll wait. But we do have to have this conversation, for our own good.

M: I know.

Translated by doike on youtube

Juan y Monica-9




J: I want to know how generous you can be with others.

M: Why? I don´t understand you.

J: You know, despite my actual name, I´m one of the people, grew between the people. My friends are simple people, and when they visit me, they share my table. Sure, you don´t need to be with us if you don´t want to

M: No. I don´t have to look down on anyone.

J: And regarding Azucena… she is not here as a maid. I´d like her to be treated as family.

     Or what? Isn´t an orphan good company for a countess?

M: It´s not about that. I appreciate Azucena. I think she´s had a difficult life, and she deserves love and attention…but could she go back to the convent to complete her educacion?

J: You don´t want to have her here, do you?

M: It´s not about that, but…

J: Be sincere, for Gods sake! Tell me you despise her and that’s that!!!

M: It’s that…

J: It’s WHAT???

M: Maybe you and me have different customs.

J:Of course we do! But even if we are married I won´t change because of your aristocratic and decadent ideas!

M: But you can´t make me live under the same roof of a woman…..a woman who was yours!

J: Who told you ?

M: She told me.

J: When?

M: When I met her in the convent.

J: Then let me explain….

M: Don Noel did it. I don´t blame you. It was long time ago but, please, understand me, it´s not….

J: Are you prejudiced? or jealous? Answer me, please. I want to know.

J: Hi.

Ai: My mom asked me to bring you the clothes you left.

M: You shouldn´t have bothered.

Ai: Not at all. Besides, I wanted to talk to you. Juan, please, show your bedroom to Lupe to put the clothes properly.

M: I´ll do.

J: No, no, no!! Stay and talk to your sister. I´m sure she wants to ask you a few personal questions. I hope your answers will satisfy her. Lupe!

Ai: As Juan mentioned, tell me, what about last night?

M: Very well.

Ai: I don´t believe you.


* * *


Ai: What happened?

L: Mr Juan didn´t want me to tidy up.

J: As soon as they tidy they´ll give your case back.

M: But it´s mom´s case, not hers.

J: I´ll leave you, then, to let you talk.


* * *


J: Don´t tell me you were in the kitchen!

M: And why does that surprise you?

J: Do you know how to cook?

M: Sure!

J: What is this?

M: Sweet guayaba.

J: Is it good or did you put salt in it instead of sugar??

M: Juan, I know how to cook.

J: I´m starting to believe you are sort of a witch, and you want to trap me by any means.

M: Don´t tell me that.

J: Yes… its´ true

M: I thought you were hungry.

J: But for you…

M: You are daring.

J: Does it bother you?

M: I don´t know, the fact is I never thought it would be this way…

J: When two people love each oth…. what do you feel abot me? What did you feel last night?

M: Please, don´t ask me about that. It bothers me to talk about certain things.

J: Ok, let´s see how good cook you are.

M: Yes, in a minute


* * *


M: I also know how to make preserves, marmalades, liquors…

J: Where did you learn? At home or with the nuns?

M: Both.

J: What else do you know?

M: To sew, to embroider, to go shopping, I also play the piano and speak a but of french.

J: That is, everything a good wife should know!…

     Forgive me, Monica, forgive me. Many things your kind consider important aren´t important to me. Of course a woman should take care of her home, but that souldn´t be all.

M: What else should a wife know?

J: Asides being a wife, she is a woman, a human being with thoughts, opinion, capable of making decisions.

M: I´ve been taught a woman must be prudent and obey her husbands orders.

J: What if you don´t agree? Let´s suppose I order something wrong, what would you do?

M: Nothing, I would obey.

J: Is that the reason you put a dish for Azucena?

M: Yes, but she didn´t want to come for lunch.

J: You let me know this morning you didn´t want her to be here. Are you sacrificing yoursef again, Santa Monica?

M: Please, don´t call me like that again!

J: And don´t take again a martyr´s part! I don´t want a slave, but a woman, so argue, fight, tell me your feelings!

M: What for? It will be done as you say, anyway.

J: Don´t you think you can make me change my mind?


* * *


M: You have a really nice ship

J: I´m thinking I´ll buy a new one.

M: If you do so, I hope you´ll choose another name

J: What do you think about Santa Monica?

M: Please, I already told you…

J: But it sounds nice! Santa Monica.. I like it, as I like you. No, you are not leaving now. What do you think about me? Am I better or worse than your thoughts?

M: Better.

J: What do you feel about me?

M: Can you let me go, please? I can´t talk like this…

     I feel… you are very nice, noble…. and I love you very much.

J: Is that so? Why are you crying?

M: I don´t know, I feel ashamed, I guess.

J: Don´t feel ashamed with me, ever! You are getting into me as a sickness. I don´t know what I´m going to do with you…

M: Whatever you want.

J: Don´t lie to me, ever. I couldn´t stand it from you.

M: I won´t do, ever. I swear it.

Translated by doike on youtube

Juan y Monica-8




J: I was talking to Segundo. He wants to know what I´m going to do now. I´m going to trade. What do you think?

M: I don´t know.

J: What´s your opinion about the party?

M: Fine!

J: Would you have preferred something more strinkg?

M: No.

J: You look frightened. Are you afraid?

M: Yes.

J: Of what?

M: Its that I dont know anything about this.

J: Neither do I. I mean, it´s the first time that I get married.

    Don´t be frigthened.

    Do you mind if I get closer?

M: No

 J: Do you like it?

     I don’t know how much you know … or what others may have told you… but this can be so beautiful as one wishes to. You are so soft … tender….  I  would like if we forgot everything what had happened and started a new life together for both of us from now one…


* * *


J: Good morning.

M: Hi.

J: Why did you get up so early?

M: I always get up early.

J: For a moment I thought you had escaped.

M: Why?

J: Maybe because I am afraid you will.

J: What?

M: The girls can come.

J: So WHAT???! This is our house! We are married!…

M: I’ll go get your breakfast.

Juan y Monica-7




Ai: Are you such a fool nothing matters to you? Even if I´m carrying his child? What´s the point if you marry him…we still will see each other again. Do you think you captivated him because of a few kisses? Juan loves just me, understand it! just me! Even if you bed him, it will be to satisfy his needs as a man.

M: Enough! You are the worst of the worst. You enjoy saying terrible things to me when all of this began because of you! Why didn´t stay with Juan and you left Andres for me?

Ai: I wish I had done so! Stupid!

J: Monica! Monica! What happens to you? Calm down, please. Calm down, I don´t like to see you crying. What is wrong???

      Take a seat.

M: No

J: I only want to talk to you. I thought you´d be more comfortable.

M: It´s not approppriate. Let´s go inside. It´s better so.

J: Your mom and your sister are inside. I want to talk to you alone. Please, Monica, don´t be so prudiced. Besides, we´ll be married in a few weeks. ok?..

     Why were you crying?

M: I got upset with my sister.

J: Why?

M: Stuff. Family affairs.

J: As I´ll be part of the family soon, I want to know exactly what happened. Don´t you want to tell me about it?

M: Well….

J: What?

M: It´s personal, between Aimee and me.

J: Why did she come to San Pedro?

M: To visit us.

J: A visit? Or to plot to prevent our marriage? Did she convince you? Monica?


* * *


J: Good morning.

M: Good Morning. Mom says you want to talk to me.

J: Yes. Do you want to sit down? I came from Don Noel´s house. He told me you are breaking our engagement. Are you surprised he told me?

M. I….I didn´t think Don Noel…

J:….know about it? Probably your mom told him so. Why don´t you want to marry me anymore? What has changed since you agreed in Campo Real? When I met you, I thought you were very different from your sister, but I realise both of you are the same.

M: It´s not true.

J: Prove it, then. Do the opposite she always did! Tell me the truth. Why don´t you want anymore?

M: Its that… Aimee is carrying a child.

J: So what?

M: She says it´s yours.

J: You believed her?

M: Why not? I saw you leaving her bedroom yesterday, the same day she arrived. It means you still are seeing each other.

Ai: I didn´t know you were here.

       What is the matter???

J: Repeat in front of me what you told to your sister. How dare you say your child is mine if we haven´t been together since many months ago?

Ai: I didn´t say so. It isn´t true.

M: Sure you did!

Ai: When?

M: The day you arrived!

Ai: Are you crazy?

M: You even told me not to tell a thing to our mom not to ashame her.

Ai: You really lost your mind. How do you think I´d tell such a thing? If you want an excuse not to marry, invent anything but that!

J: As everything is clear now, and I´m not your sister´s child´s father, there is no cause for breaking up.

Ai: But she….

J: And about the visit made you the day you arrived… tell Monica the reason I looked for you. Did I tell you if you try to interfere with our marriage you´d end badly?

M: Was that the reason?

Ai: But I think you shouldn´t marry.

J: I don´t care of what you think.

Ai: But you should, since just a fool would marry a woman who despises him, and who feels sicken.

M: That´s a lie!

Ai: No? You told me yourself!

J: Enough! Don´t torture your sister with your lies.

Ai: Lies? Tell him if they are lies!

M: Yes. She is lying.

J: Don´t spit out your venom. I won´t believe.

Ai: You, always criticising me….are 1000 times worst than me. Such hypocrits! I hope you´ll be as unhappy as you deserve!

J: Don´t be upset. We both know Aimee well enough. I was going to buy the furniture for our home. I hope when I´m back you won´t have changed your mind again. I would not like you to dump me a few days from the wedding.

M: No.

J: Do you swear? Not as your sister would, but for real. Swear in the name of God.

M: Yes, I swear.


* * *


J: Do you like it?

M: It´s really nice.

J: It´s my engagement ring.

M: Thanks.

J: Can I kiss you? ….


* * *


J: Hi.

M: Hi. Come in. I´ll call my mother.

J: Wait. I don´t understand you. You change from one day to another. Sometimes you are kind, even loving. After you close yourself  like an oyster.

M: My mom doesn´t want us to be alone.

J: Ok then. But it doesn´t justify your attitude. Did your sister make a plot of hers? When are you going to begin to trust me, Monica?

M: Because I don´t know you well.

J: Because we don´t talk. Becasuse there is someone else, always, your mother or other one. Those habits of yours… It´s ok, that´s the way you´ve been raised, full of wrong ideas. I hope it´s not to late for some things.

M: I know I´m ignorant in a lot of aspects, but if you are patient with me…

J: ….even if it´s not my strongest virtue…I promise you I´ll have all the patience in the world.

M: And I´ll try to be a good wife and do my duty.

(cumplir in this context has to do with sex as one of the “obligations” in a marriage..I couldn´t find the right word)

J: I don´t want you to do your duty, I want you to “want it”.

(that´s why Juan´s words make sense. Obligation opposite to desire)

Translated by doike on youtube

Juan y Monica-6




J: Hello.

M: Good afternoon

J: Can I come in?

M: Its just that… My mother is having a rest.

J: I didn´t come to see her.

M: It´s not approppriate for us to be alone.

J: We´ve been alone before.

M: Yes, but…We weren´t engaged

J: Don´t you think it´s silly? I won´t take advantage of you. Don´t be scared. I just want to agree about stuff.

M: Ok then. Please, take a seat.

J: Thanks. First thing, how have you been?

M: Fine, thanks. And you?

J: Fine. I went to the Registro Civil this morning with Don Noel and Dona Sofia.

M: Is evertyhing alright?

J: Yes, I do have my surname now.

M: I´m glad

J: So there are no obstacles for the wedding or….did you change your mind?


J: When are we going to the church for the amonestaciones?

M: When you want to.

J: Tomorrow?

M: That´s fine

J: I´ll come for you tomorrow at 10. Is that ok? Who are going to be your witnesses?

M: My mom, of course, and maybe Licenciado Mancera.

J: And your family? Andres and your sister?

M: I don´t know. I don´t think so.

J: Are you going to invite them?

M: I´ll invite them, but…

J. You think they are not coming, don´t you?….When you followed me in Campo Real to convince not to talk to Andres, you were more talkative than now.

M: There were more important issues to discuss than now….

J: Now what? Do you think our marriage is less important than Andres´ happiness? I want you to talk, to open (terrible word, lo sé) to me. I want us to know each other. I want to know what you like, or what disturbs you, what do you think about me, or what do you expect from me.

M: I expect you…to be a good husband.

J: What´s a good husband for you? Tell me with your own words, thinking about our life together.

M. I expect you won´t yell at me, to be polite, respectful and to be an honest man.

J: That’s a good definition for a father or a brother. Between spouses there is……not love, because there isn´t between us, but intimacy. Don´t you think about it?

M: I do.

J: And then?

M: We are suppossed not to talk about such things.

J: You really are very different from your sister.I´m leaving now. What a relief, right? Tomorrow at 10, then?

M: Yes.

J: Give my regards to your mother.

M: Thanks

J: See you.


* * *


Priest: Dona Catalina, how good to see you!

DC: My pleasure, father.

P: And you, Monica. How have you been?

M: I´ve been fine, father. Thanks.

P: I´m glad.

M: This gentleman (caballero) is Juan Alcazar y Valle.

P: Are you related to Andres Alcazar?

J: Yes.

DC: We´ve come because Monica is going to get married.

P: Are you going to marry? To who?

J: To him.

P: How good!. Congratulations

J: Thanks. We want to set the date.

P: Yes, of course!

J: But Monica says there things to fix before the wedding. You´ll see, I haven´t been baptized, I haven´t received te Holy Communion…I didn´t fulfill such details.

P: And you call them details.


* * *


DC: I hadn´t been so embarrassed in my life.

M: It isn´t Juan´s fault, mom.

DC: I know, but it is inconceivable his father…..

J: Carmona wasn´t my father.

DC: I know but….sit down, Juan. I´ll be back in a minute. I´ll go to the kitchen.

J: You are really ashamed, aren´t you?

M: No, I´m not.

J: Don´t lie to me.

M: Ok then. Let´s say it´s uncommon to find a person who isn´t even baptized.

J: Millions of people around the world don´t know about such thing.

M: Yes… Other races, people who don´t believe in our religion.

Ai: Who are you both?

M: What are you doing here?

Ai: I came for a few days. I´m sorry if it bothers you. How are you, Juan?

J: What about your husband?

Ai: He took me here and he went back to Campo Real. My mom?

M: She´ll be back now.

Ai: Sit down Juan. Don´t be stood up.

J. No, thanks. I´m leaving.

     Say goodbye to your mom for me, please. Beg your pardon.

Ai: He did it to upset me, to make me feel jealous.

M: He also kissed me yesterday… and you were not around.


* * *


Ai: Juan.. Juan! We have to talk! You cannot marry her!!

J: I too need to talk to you.

Ai: Damn her!

M: Aimee!

Ai: See? She is a gossip! You better leave now, I will go find you in your cabin tonight.

J: Its no use, because you will not find me.

M: Open the door, Aimee!!!

J: The only thing I want to tell you is that I don’t want you to try to prevent me from marrying your sister, because I swear to you that this time I will not forgive you for it.

Ai: Juan!!… Juan!!

Translated by doike on youtube

Juan y Monica-5




J: Good morning.

M: Good morning.

J: Can we talk?

M: Yes.

J: Were you goin to the chapel?

M: Yes.

J: Could we be less formal? (The difference between tú and usted is lost in english since “you” is the same word and usted is more formal and tú is more familiar)

M: Its alright.

J: Since when do you know I´m Francisco Alcazar´s son?

(Monica is troubled next phrases because she is getting used to talk more familiarly to Juan, and she corrects herself constantly)

M: Since you arrivedand my mom said you looked lie my uncle Francisco. She asked Don Noel later and he said so.

J: Why do you want to marry me?

M: If you don´t want to, if you don´t like me…

J: Sure I do. You are very nice, sweet, soft…

M: You are…handsome too.

J: Thanks, but you haven´t answered me yet. Why do you want to marry me?

M: Because everyone wants me to marry, and I think we can get on well.

J: You really think that?

M: Yes.

J: Then …

DC: Good morning.

J: Good morning, madam.

M: Hi, mom.

J: Take a seat, please.

DC: Thanks.

J: I didn´t have the chance of talking to you before, but thanks for giving me your Monica´s hand. I´d like us to marry soon.

DC: When?

J: As soon as the amonestaciones (I can´t find a right word for this. Not important for the story. It´s about what priests have to announce before any wed..) are ready.

DC: But we need time for the arrangements, invitations…

J: I have just a few friends, I can invite hem by myself, and a pair of weeks should be enough for the trousseau. Besides, I have no social life, so Monica will need few clothes.

DC: As you like it.

J: I´d like also a simple ceremony. Do you agree, Monica? Doy you prefer a big wedding, as your sister´s?

M: No, a simple one will be better.

J: Last, I will accept no dowry.

DC: but….

J: No, I do insist. Monica herself is such a big prize there is no need of money or properties. I assure you I can treat her as a queen. Beg your pardon.

DC: Did you see? He avoided me the shame of telling him you had no dowry. How is he going to support you? I don´t think he is rich. Is Andres going to help him?

M: Juan has money, mom.

DC: How do you feel?

M: Good.

DC: Are you sure? If you aren´t, I can…

M: No, mom. Everything’s done. No regrets.


* * *


Ai: You want revenge, because you never accepted Andres left you.

M: Think whatever you want!

Ai: You are dirty! (double sense). I loved Juan, at least, and you´ll bed him feeling revolted.

M: It´s my business. I´m glad he accepted, because you´ll never get him again.

Ai: He doesn´t love you. He wants me to feel jealous!

M: I don’t care!! I am willing to do anything! To suffer any humiliation but I will have the satisfaction to know you did not get what you wanted. I don’t care if he loves me or not. What matters is that I took him away from you!!

Ai: You didn´t take him away from me! He still loves me, and when he is loving you he´ll be thinking about me!

M: I don´t care even if he is thinking about the devil himself.

Ai: You don’t have to sacrifice yourself. I promise I won´t see him again!

M: I don´t believe you.

Ai: You´ll ruin your life! You don´t know him. Besides, Andres doesn´t want you to marry him.

M: Why?

Ai: He will explain. He is waiting for your in his office. That´s why I came for you. Don´t be stubborn.

J: Monica? Were you with your sister?

M: Yes. She came to tell me Andres wanted to talk to me.

J: Why?

M: I don´t know.

J: It´s Agustina Calero´s house.

M: I know about it.

J: It´s not very big, but it´s the only one available in San Pedro. Don Noel told me it´s for sale and I´ll buy for us. Do you agree?

J: As you say.

M: You still can say no if you have any regret.

J: Monica told me you wanted to talk to her.

An: Yes.

J:  Here she is…..


* * *


M: Juan, you don´t know what I´ve just been up to.

J: What is the matter?

M: It´s terrible, not human.

J: Calm down please!! If you don´t explain, I can´t help you.

M: As we are leaving today, I went to say good bye to Quintila.

J: Yes…

M: Meche and Azucena were there… they told me something terrible.

J: What??

M: Bautista takes the girls away from their families and he takes them to…a place where men go! It´s terrible!

J: Please, calm down!

M: Are you going to do something? I looked for Andres, but he isn´t here.

J: I´ll do my best but I can´t do anything if you don´t calm down…

M: But….

J: Take a seat.

M: You don´t care about that happens to those people, do you?

J: Sure I do. It hurts me, makes me angry. But I can´t do a thing.

M: What?

J: My whole life wouldn´t be enough to fix just a tiny part of all the injustices around us. I can take care about Florindo´s granddaughter, if you want me to, but everything will be the same as soon as I leave.

M: I´m sure Andres does not know about it.

J: It doesn´t mind. Andres is an aristocrat who pays his luxuries with pawns blood.

M: No, he isn´t.

J: You don´t know a thing!

     You are also part of the oppressors, careless of others, and as a spoiled child who never looked further than your home. You don´t know about the shit that surrounds you. Are you scared about what happened to Florindo´s granddaughter. Did you know kids suffer the same fate? And they are kicked, tortured, degraded…?

     It´s not your fault, Monica. Please. Forgive how rude I was.

Translated by doike on youtube

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