Juan y Monica-21



M: What are you going to do?

Az: Juan wants me to get married.

M: To that man, Cajiga?..

M: Juan, my liffe…

J: I promised you.

M: I know, but I was so afraid.

Az: I knew he wouldn´t beat you

J: I had luck.

Az: Searfin?

J: I guss he will be with Don Noel. They´ll let me know.

Az: Well, beg your pardon.

J: My love

M: You look tired.

J: Yes.

M: You are taking too many risks coming here.

J: Segundo is helping me distracting the policeman.

M: Thanks for not hurting Andres.

J: I couldn´t, but I fear he will consideer this an humiliation.

M: Pedro told us. Nevertheless, anyhting is better than losing the life.

J: Maybe he would have preferred so. I think he will never get over of all that happened.

M: Are you talking about Aimeé?

J: Yes. He blames me for all of it.

M: You think he will go on harrassing you. What if we leave San Pedro?

J: Do you think it would stop him? He has a lot of money. He could spend his whole life chasing us.

M: Why? This has to end.

J: What if it never ends? I promised you a whole, happy life. But I´m no fulfilling this promise.

M: Its not your fault.

J: Anyway, how much can you endure? A day will arrive when you´ll regret our marriage.

M: No, Juan, never.


* * *


M: Don´t open. I´ll go. Please, hide yourself.

Jo: Serafin is in prison.

J: In prison?

Jo: Señor? Here?

J: How do you know it?

Jo: I saw him in te morning. Mr. Marcelo (RV) put him in the servants room and he took him.

J: To jail?

Jo: That´what Mrs Amanda told me. She asked me to warn you. I first led mss Mariana to the court, left to Don Noel´s and as there was none, I came here.

J: I´ll surrender, so they let him free.

M: No, Wait till Don Noel arrives. Please, Juan. We don´t know for sure he will be free if you do so.

J: Dammit. I should have killed him, He deceiveed me. He told me they would free Serafin after the duel.

M: Do you think Andres turn Serafin in?

J: Sure, who else?

Jo: Señor. Do you want me to do anything else?

J: Yes, go back to DN, wait for him, and bring him here. Tell him I need him, urgently,

M: I may go t see Lcdo Romero. I can pray, beg, I don´t tink he´s as bad as Don Noel and his sister in law say.

J: You won´t get anything.

M: Let me try.

J: I´m the one who has to go. Serafin is in prison because of me.

M: Please, stay till Don Noel arrives, at least.

J: Monica, don´t you realise if Serafin talks all of us will be compromised, even Azucena? Do you want to see her in prison? Pragnant?

M: Well, then. Lets suppose he has already done it, and everyone is arrested. What do you fix being in prison yourself? I´m tired of angst and anxiety. I don´t want to see you in that place again. I couldn´t stand it. Please.

J: I promised you a very different life, didn´t I? Look at what I gave you, anxiety, shame…

M: That´s not what I meant. So many things have happened, one after other one,. We haven´t had any moment of peace. I don´t know what to do anymore.

J: I´ve been vey selfish, just thinking about me, my needs, feeling you are mine..

M: I am. We are both one of the other one. You know I couldn´t live without you. You are my whole life, my husband.

J: Good husband, yours.

M: Don´t say that!. I love you, I love you and I want to share everyhing with you, but, please, look for another solution. I couldn´t stand seeing you in prison again.

J: You won´t. Don´t worry

M: Thanks….


* * *


M: Please..Did you talk to Joaquin?

DN: Yes. everything is fixed. Serafin is the canteen with Tuerto.

J: Wasn´t he in jail?

DN: They were questioning him when I arrived to the Court.

J: Did he say anythingg?

DN: No, nothing that can´t be repaired. Doña Sofia was the one who gave him to Romero, not Andres, surely trying to avoid the duel.

M: I´m glad everyting is fixed.

J: Do you want a coffee or a refreshment?

M: I´ll bring you in a minute

J: Have a seat.


* * *


Az: It´s tue. There is nobody outside.

J: I´m leaving now, then.

M: Why? You can stay here.

J: It´s your mother´s house. I prefer not to be here.

M: I´ll go for my things.

J: No, let´s wait till everything is over.

M: But…

J: Please. I´ll feel better, free to do what I have to.

M: You can do it from here.

J: Please, don´t insist.

M: When are you coming?

J: I´ll let you know. See you.

M: Yes Juan

DN: See you soon

J: See you.

Juan y Monica-20



J:  To be sincere,  I neved liked tha house.

M:  Why? It´s nice.

J:  It´s little,  and it´s too locked in the village.

M:  But we fell in love there.

J:  Didn´t you say you loved me before?

M: Yes, but…  you know. Where would you like us to live?

J:  In a more opened place, where you open the windows you see big places,  in front of the see. Where are Satan´s papers?

M:  Andres got them.

J:  Why?

M:  I told you.  I wanted to sell it to avenge.  To force you to come back when I thought yo had left with Aimeé.  But I´ll get them back,  don´t worry.

J:  What if the wasn´t to give them back to you?

M:  He has no reason to refuse.  It´s your ship.

J:  What are you thinking?

Me:  Señora.  Lcdo Mancera arrived and he wants to talk to you.

J:  Tell him I´ll be there in a minute.

Me:  Yes sir.

M:  Has anything happened?


* * *


J:  How are you,  DN?

DN:  Lcdo Romero Vargas found out about Serafin and went to Campo Real.

J:  Then?

DN:  You can´t meet with Andres at the Hacienda,  because Marcelo will be there with some guards.

J:  Did Doña Sofia call for him?

DN:  As he told Amanda,  his sister in law,  it was his decision.  He wants to rescue the boy and ask Andres to give you to him.

J:  What will happen to Serafin?

DN:  I guess RV will bring him back here.

J:  Do you think Andres will accept? He made up all of this to kill me.

DN:  It´s not wise for you to go there.

M:  Good night,  DN.  What happened?

DN:  I think there will be no duel for the moment.

M:  Is that so?


* * *


M:  Why are you so worried?  You won´t have to fight Andres,  and surely,  Serafin will be back with omero.

J:  I don´t know.  I have the feeling something is not right.  What if that man makes Serafin tell him what he knows?

M:  About your escape and the people whi helped you?

J:  Yes,  and to say Tuerto was the one who shot Espindola.

M:  I don´t think so.  Serafin  is a smart kid.

J:  Yes,  but he´s a kid. Romero can mislead him.

DN: I know there are soldiers outside Campo Real. That´s why he wants the duel to be here,  in San Pedro.

J:  And Serafin?

DN:  Bautista will bring him here at midnight.

J:  How is the duel going to be?

DN:  On foot,  with pistol.

J: To death?

DN: He wanted so,  but I oppossed,  firmly.  I´ll propose to end it at first wound.

M:  What it it is a deadly one?

DN:  Who are going to be your witnesses?

J:  I thought about you and Segundo.

DN:  I can´t.  I have the police after me,  and I can´t lead him to the duel.

J:  Pedro then.

DN:  Pedro and Segundo?

J:  Yes.  Then I´ll go to PA ranch to call them.

DN:  Tell them to go to my house and I´ll call for Andres´ witnesses to meet them there.

J:  What about the guns?

DN:  I don´t know,  we´ll agreed then.

M:  Juan,  for Gods sake,  refuse.

J:  Is Andres at his San Pedro´s house?

DN:  Yes,  why?

J:  Because I want to see him.

M:  Juan , the police is everywhere.

J:  Monica,  I´m make a last try.  Maybe I´ll find the words to convince him.

M:  What if he doesn´t want?

J:  If he insist,  I ask you to be strong,  brave,  and ask God a bad aim for him.

M:  But if he fails,  you…

J:  Why don´t you go out for a moment so the police can follow you and let me go?  Take your shawl.  Please, Monica


* * *


J:  If anything happens to me,  never abandon Monica.  And if she has a child of mine,  tell her to leave this place,  to go to other city so the child doesn´t know what happened to its father.

DN:  Ok, then.  I don´t think you´ll get anything from Andres.

J:  But I want to try.

DN:  I´ll insist with Andres witnesses to finish the encounter at first blood.

J:  I won´t come to sleep.

M:  Why?

J:  Because if the duel is unavoidable I want to be focused,  and I couldn´t do it with you.

M:  Then, let me know what happens with Andres.  May God enlighten you.

J:  Thanks

M:  Promise,  swear me you´ll be back.

J:  I´ll do even the impossible. I have to go.

M:  Remember you are my life,  my love,  and I want you to be back.

J:  Go.


* * *


W: Arm!

W: Shoot!

W: Arm!

W: Shoot!

W: Arm!

W: Shoot!

W: Arm!

W: Shoot!

Al: Doctor!

D: Let me have a look at it!

An: He did it on purpose,  damm it!

D: I think you won´t be able to continnue!

An: Yes, I will!  Give me the gun!

Al: You can´t even hold it! Don´t be sttuborn!

W: The encounter is over.

An: No,  I don´t want it.

W: Mr Alcazar can´t go on,  so the duel is over.

J: It´s alright.

W: Thanks.  Beg your pardon

S:  Congratulations, Juan.

J: Thanks.  Let Monica know,  and you,  tell DN, please,  to go for Serafin to Andres´ house.

S: It´s fine.

J: See you later


Juan y Monica-19




M: Juan, are you there?

J: What happened? Why that message?

DN: I´d like to talk to… alone.

J: No.

DN: It would be better.

M: Please, don´t hide anything from me.

J: She said it. I don´t want to hide anything from her.

DN: Well, Serafin is in Campo Real.

J: Don´t tell me they made it!

DN: Andres may let him go, but….

J: He wants me.

M: No.

J: Ok.


* * *


J: What about Bautista?

DN: Bautista will care for his job.

J: Ok.


* * *


DN: Luckily, judge Mondragon was in the mass. He will revoke your death certificate. I also spoke with Romero-Vargas.

J: The one with the lady and the girl?

DN: Yes. I´m beginning to understand him. He is one of those fanatics, he thinks he´s capable of anything just because he has the robes. Do you know what he wants? He wants to imprison Doña Sofia.

M: Is that so?

DN: A few days in a dungeon wouldn´t hurt her, but there are no evidences against her, and Andres would do anything to prevent it, and with his friends, being (RV) stupid, could even lost his job. Juan, I´d like yo to avoid the duel at any cost.

J: I don´t want to do it, either, and less now, when everything seems to be fixing. If there was another way to solve it… but I don´t see how.

DN: I´m leaving now, I´ll go to Campo Real tomorrow.

M: Please, come for me.

J: Monica…

M: Don´t insist. I´m going.

J: Please, send me a message to your home.

DN: Ok.

M: Why don´t you want me to go?

J: Simply because anything can happen. I´d be worried about you being there.

M: That´s the reason I want to be there.

J: Don´t you think about me? Don´t you think I need to be calm, to focus all my senses in the duel? I´ll feel nervous if I know you are in Campo Real, Monica.

M: Nervous, why? Don´t tell me you have doubts about me?

J: Of course I don´t. I´ll wonder what you are doing all the time, if you are having trouble, difficulties, while if you stay here with Meche, worried if you want, but far from those people… they only want to hurt us.

M: But I´ll be dying in angst.

J: So will I, if you go to Campo Real.


* * *


M: Thank godness I kept your clothes.

J: Thanks.

M: Juan, I fear something will happen to you. I couldn´t stand it.

J: If there was any way to avoid it, even a wild one, I swear, I´d do it. Only for you.

M: What about going there at night with your men, and setting Serafin free?

J: Don´t you think Andres has taken precautions?

M: But a duel… a confrontation between both you means one of both will be hurt. You aren´t healed yet, not for that.

J: I´m alright. Don´t worry. Besides, I´m going to win.

M: Aren´t you? Why? Don´t you think Andres will defend himself?

J: I don´t doubt of his abilities, but I´m the lucky one. Don´t you realise?

M: No.

J: Isn´t fortunate the man who has the love of the most wonderful woman in the world? Can I ask you a favour?

M: Anyhting you want?

J: Let´s not talk more about this. Let us don´t forget the rest of the day and the night, ever.

M: I´m the lucky one, but I want it to last, a lot.

Juan y Monica-18




M: Juan…

J: Monica…

M: I can´t believe it…

What´s the matter?

J: I told you I´d come back …


* * *


M: How did you think? It´s dangerous.

J: I wanted to see you.

M: Why did you come from the door?

J: I entered from the bathroom.

M: There is a man watching.

J: He didn´t see me.

M: I´m afraid you are doing such things.

How is your wound?

J: Better.

M: Is that so?

J: May I show you…?


* * *


M: I love you so much.

J: I love you.

M: You are my life.

J: So are you. None will put us apart, nor death.

M: May we die together.

J: It will be so.


* * *


J: I just had a knife. When I saw them, I yelled at him to leave her. He used her as a shield and shot me. I heard another shot almost immediately and I saw Espindola falling. Tuerto did it. He´d come behind me. You have to understand I can´t let such a loyal man be imprisoned after saving my life. I have a chance if I claim self-defense while he has none. Everything will be fixed, and we´ll be together again soon, you´ll see. If judge doesn´t leave the house soon, we´ll go to the palapa. Would it matter to you?

M: I´d go till the end of the world with you.

J: I went to see Azucena.

M: To Romero´s house?. You dare too much, Juan.

J: I had to see her. She is carrying a child.

M: Who told you?

J: Segundo. You already knew, didn´t you?

M: Yes.

J: Why didn´t you tell me?

M: I preferred her to be the one who told you.

J: It was Guadalupe Gajiga, that asshole.

M: What are you going to do?

J: I´ll see, but first I asked her to leave that job and come with you. Are you bothered?

M: No, but, Juan, I can´t stand being here anymore. Mom harasses me constantly.

J: She doesn´t want you to come back to me, does she?

M: No. I want to leave. Take me away with you.

J: No. It´s not life for you.

M: I´m strong. I got used to hard work and sacrifice in the convent.

J: It´s not about that, Monica. I´m in constant danger.

M: We´ll share it.

J: No, I´d be worried about you. I need a focused mind, alerted senses. I wouldn’t be with you by my side. I´d have given my life to avoid all of this. I promised a quiet and happy life and… you see.

M: You are my happiness, Juan.

J: I love you so much.


* * *


J: Not that, Monica.

M: That´s what I told them.

J: They are my family, my brothers. I´ve known them for years. They´ve been with me in the good and the bad times. They love and trust me.

M: They wanted to blame you and say you took away Aimee by force, but I opposed. Afterwards, they wanted to say it had been their decision to avoid Aimee talking about what he saw.

J: I won´t accept innocent people to be imprisoned to defend your sister´s honor.

M: I also told them not to. I already had told everything to Lcdo Romero, even that it was my Godmother and Alberto´s set up.

J: Did he believe you?

M: I don´t know.

J: Don Noel doesn´t trust him.

M: There is a problem between both of them. Do you remember Don Noel mentioned Madam Amanda?

J: Yes.

M: Judge´s sister in law. She has a daughter… and Don Noel is her father.

J: Is that so? …


* * *


M: Are you comfortable in that refuge?

J: I´m alright, don´t worry. Please, turn off the light.

M: My love, take care, do it for me.

J: Everything I do, I do it for you, because I have to fill my promise. Are you going to mass this sunday?

M: I always do.

J: Go to the one at 10.

M: Why?

J: Because I want you to pray for me.

M: I´m so happy I´ve seen you, but I fear for you.

J: I love you.

Juan y Monica-17




M: How are you feeling?

J: Better. Pedro and Segundo?

M: They came last night. You were asleep and I told them you were staying here. Nevetheless, they kept watching.

J: Tell me you love me. Tell me everything you wrote in that letter was true.

M: I have no words to express how much I love you, only if you could be within my soul and had a look.

J: I´d love to, to feel both us are one person, and when you breath I do take a breath too. I´d love to be within your thoughts… to know whether you love me as much as I love you.

M: I love you more, more.

J: I want to make love to you so much…

M: It shoud be Meche.

      What´s up Meche?

Me: Your mother just woke up, but she is still in her bedroom.

M: And Lupe?

Me: In the washroom.

M: Then bring Señor´s breakfast.

Me: Ok Señora.

J: If your mother discovers I´m here…

M: She won´t do anything. Don´t worry. What happened with Aimee?

J: I left her in the healer´s house. She is pregnant…of Andres.

M: Juan?


* * *


J: Here I am.

M: Are you mad? I was terrified.

J: I can´t stay.

M: I understand. We´ll leave when you decide.

J: I´m not taking you with me.

M: Why? We agreed we wouldn´t be apart anymore.


* * *


J: I assure you it´s not my wish, but I fear your sister will fufill her threat, and I’m worried for Doña Tegua.

M: I don´t think Aimee will dare.

J: I don´t want to take any risks. Monica, don´t cry, please. My soul is breaking for having to leave you.

J: I know, Monica. This time everything will be fixed. I swear

M: Let me go with you. I fear this separation. So many things have happened…

J: I know, Monica. This time everything will be fixed. I swear.

Ju: Miss Monica. Don Noel has arrived and he asked for you.

M: Tell him I´ll go in a minute.

J: Nothing wrong will happen to me, I assure you. Only death could prevent me coming back to you.

M: But I don´t want you to die

J: It won´t happen.

M: I´ll go for Don Noel.


* * *


DN: Kid…The only problem is you were declared oficially dead. That´s why the appeal wasn´t sent to the judge.

J: What do I have to do? Going public so they realize I´m alive?

DN: Yes

M: No! It´s dangerous. I can testify and say I saw you.

DN: They might not believe you, Monica.

J: I prefer you not to be involved. I promise I won´t make any appearence till I´m fully recovered.

M: It´s very risky. They can arrest you and imprison you again.

J: I´ll take precautions.

DN. When are you leaving?

J: Tonight.

M: My love..

DN: And Aimee?

J: Dña Tegua was trying to convince her to go back to Andres, She is carrying his child. Is there any report of her being in the jail that night?

DN: Not that I know. We have a great enemy, Juan.

J: I know, Andres.

DN: Another one. Lcdo Romero Vargas, the new judge, I fear I might the problem.

J: Why?

M: Do you know Madam Amanda?

DN: Yes, I do.

J: Who is she

DN: Romero Vargas´s sister-in-law.

J: Is she the problem?

DN: I think so.


* * *


DC: Monica, open the door. Open the door, daughter!

M: I´m coming, mom!

DC: Can´t you just open the door?

M: I´m changing my clothes, I´ll be there in a minute. .

DC: Don´t you understand? Something terrible happened!

J: Open the door. I prefer fo be seen by her rather than by the police offer out there.

DC: Daughter, please, I need to talk to you.

M: Come in, mom.

DC: What is he doing here?

M: He is hurt, and needs attention.

DC: I want him to leave immediately.

M: He´ll leave tonight.

DC: Now!

M: No!


* * *


J: I won´t doubt your mom´s word, but I don´t want to take risks.

M: Wait till it gets dark, at least.

J: No my love, and less knowing Aimee is here.

DN: I´ll be waiting outside, Monica.

M: I don´t want you to leave me.

J: I won´t.

Go wiht Don Noel

M: Take care of yourself, please.

J: I will….

J: Go.

M: Here you are. There are some oinments, dressings, a bit of food.

J: Thanks.

M: When will I see you again?

J: I´ll come back soon.

M: Don´t. It will be better.

J: I will.

M: Don´t forget you are taking my life with you.

J: And mine stays with you.

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Juan y Monica-16




DC: Monica, do you know what I´m going to do? I´m going to tell everything to Fray Domingo and I´ll demand to annul your marriage, so you won´t be able to tell he is your husband.

M: Married or not, I´ll leave with him, and none will be able to stop me.

DC: We´ll see.

* * *

J: Monica! Monica!

M: My life…

J: At last…


* * *


J: I thought this moment wouldn´t arrived, ever.

M: Why Don Noel didn´t….?

J: We´ll talk later… lock the door.

M: Oh, my God. Your injury..

J: Help me to have a seat.

M: Why didn´t you tell me as soon as possible? Where did they hurt you? Let me see.

J: Later.

    Lay down here with me…

M: But…

J: Please.

    I missed you so much.

M: So did I. I´d wanted to die when they told me…

J: Did Don Noel explain it to you?

M. Yes… Please, let me have a look at your injury.

J: Later. I never deceived you, Monica. I couldn´t do it. I told you. You are a witch… I won´t be here for long.

M: You can´t leave like this. You are very weak.

J: I´ll feel better in a short time.

M: I won´t let you leave.

J: I listened to your mom saying…

M: My mom won´t do anything… Where were you hurt?

J: Here in the belly.

M: Don´t move. I´ll be back in a minute…


* * *


M: They are bringing the stuff to dress your wound.

J: Lupe?

M: No, Meche. Where is your wound?

J: Here.

M: Who tended you?

J: Tegua. A healer. She is a good woman. She took good care of me, but I lost a lot of blood.

M: You will recover.

J: You have such soft hands, Monica. I think I´m in paradise. Monica, you are my life. Nobody, nothing matters to me more than you. You are so inside of me. Whatever happens, don´t forget it.

M: Nothing will happen. We won´t be apart any more. Never. Don´t worry. That´s Meche.

      Come in.

Me: I found these, Mrs.

J: Pedro and Segundo are outside.

M: Do you want Meche to warn them?

J: No, the policemen could see them. Leave them. They´ll figure out what to do.

M: Be careful. Did my mom go to bed?

Me: Yes, madam.

M: Bring something from the kitchen

Me: A soup, Mdm?

M: Yes ..


* * *


Me: The soup?

M: There was no way. Take it away. He´ll eat tomorrow. Please, let me know when my mom rises.

Me: Yes, Mdm. Do you need anything else?

M: No thanks.

     Good night.

Pe: Mdm

M: Come in. He can´t leave. He´s very weakened and the wound isn´t closed.

S: It´s dangerous. There´s a policeman outside.

M: Nothing will happen if the stays a few days. He´s safer here than anywhere else. Don´t worry. We´ll decide tomorrow morning, when Don Noel arrives.

S: Nevertheless, one of us will remain outside for whatever is needed.

M: Ok then. Thanks.

Pe: Good night.

Juan y Monica-15




T: Juan…  Juan, some nuns are coming.

M: Juan… juan…

J: Monica, need you so much!

M: sshh!

      My love… your injury?

J: I´m allright. I thought you didn´t want to see me.

M: How can you think that? I´ve been so worried…

J: Monica, do you think I´m guilty?

M: No, my love, no.

J: What if I´m convicted?

M: That´s not going to happen.

J: Would you forget me if I were convicted?

M: Never.

J: I was told Andres wants to take my name away and annul our marriage so that you..

M: Don´t pay attention to him. He is irrational. He doesn´t know what he says.

J: What if he convinces you? You used to love him, enough to marry me…

M: sshhhh…that´s over now. Now my life is you. You are my love. My soul and my life belong to you.

J: Monica, listen to me, listen to me, please. I can endure anything, confiment, knocks, humiliation….even not seeing you again, but your love, Monica, your love, don´t take it away from me.

M: It would be as taking my life away.

J: I miss you so much…  I´ll make you sick

M: No. I love you, I love you

Nun: Monica, let´s go

J: Are you coming back?

M: I´ll try.

J: if I´m convicted, I´ll escape. Would you go away with me?

M: To the end of the world… I do have to leave.

J: Monica, don´t let them convince you. Remember, I prefer death to you giving yourself to Andres, even to save me.

M: My love is yours.. forever.

J: Don´t ever doubt about my love..

M: My love…

J: Monica! Trust me. I swear we´ll see each other soon.

M: I love you

J: So do I.

Juan y Monica-14




M: I´ll feel very lonely.

J: I´ll be out just for a few days.

M: Why don´t you take me with you? I´ve never travelled by sea.

J: Not this time, since it´s business, but as soon as I´m back I´ll plan another one just for us.

M: Just us?

J: With a few trustworthy men, who understand and disappear when we go up, and who don´t disturb us when we are alone. I love you so much, so much.. I´leaving now. I won´t be late.

M: I love you, Juan.

J: Hoşçakal.


* * *


J: Do you still have that headache?

M: A bit.

J: Are you sure there is no other thing else? You´ve been acting weird since I came back.

M: I told you I have this migraine.

J: If anything happened, please, tell me. I´m leaving tomorrow and I´m worried something happened…

M: M: No. Nothing happened.

J: You still doubt about me, don´t you? Do you think I lied you about that woman?

M: No, it´s not like that.

J: Then? Please, Monica. If I did anything that disturbed you…

M: It´s nothing. Just the headache.


* * *


M: Juan…

       Ay, my love, why did you come? You shouldn´t have done it. You have to leave right away!!

J: No.

M: Andres already knows about you and Aimee.

J: Yes, I know. Don Noel and Tuerto were wating for me outside the town. They told me everything.

M: Andres got mad. And I don´t want a confrontation between both of you. I don´t want anything happens to you , my love, or to him. He´s your brother.

J: Don´t worry. I´ll talk to him.

M: He won´t listen to you!

J: Monica!… He will have to! I´ll tell him how things happened.

M: But I alreay told him, and so Don Noel did, too. He doesn´t accept that. Please, my love, let´s go together!

J: I won´t escape, Monica. It´s not my fault.

M: But Andres won´t listen to you.

J: Trust me.

M: I implore you. Let´s go, my love!

J: No Monica! If I leave, I would admiting it was my fault, and and you know well that it wasn´t!.

M: It doesn´t matter! My love, please,  lets leave!! I beg you!

J: Monica, I can´t escape. It goes against my way of thinking. I would regret it for life.

M: I´m afraid. If anything should happen to you, I couldn´t live. I love you Juan. You are the only thing that matters to me in this life!


* * *


M: Why were there soldiers on the road?

J: I don’t know.

    Don Noel and Tuerto will be here soon. We´ll got to my house on the beach, and at dawn he´ll go for Andres.

M: What if he comes with people to kill you?

J: He won´t tell him I´m there.

Soldiers: Halt! Don´t move! Who´s in the house?

M: What happens?

       Juan please, don´t go out!

J: Go back to the bedroom.

Translated by doike on youtube

Juan y Monica-13




J: Finally! Both sisters together!

Ai: Hi Juan.

J: How are you, Aimee?

Ai: Well, and you?

J: Not as fine as you! You look really nice today. Why the pleasure of your visit?

Ai: I came to ask for a favor to Monica… and you, of course.

M: I already told her it´s not possible.

J: How can we help you?

Ai: I told Monica everyone, including mom, are going to Campo Real, and as it´s not proper for me to leave alone, Could I stay with at your home?

J: It will be our pleasure.

Ai: How nice of you.

M: No!

J: Are you going to refuse? Don´t be resentful. Count on that, Aimee. You know this is your home.

Ai: Thanks, Juan. It will be just for a few days.

J: As long as you want to.

Ai: See you soon, sister. Besides, it´s so hot in the hacienda these days, But as soon as my mom is back, I´ll leave.

J: It will be a pleasure.

Ai: See you soon.

M: What´s the matter with you? How can you do this to me?

J: And you? How could you say you loved me? When you were thinkg about that moron all the time!

M: What are you talking about?

J: And don´t put that victim expression! You are worse than your sister, because she at least does not hide what she is!

M: Why are you talking to me like this? What did I do?

J: Why did you make me believe you had forgotten Andres?

M: Because its true!

J: Don´t be such an hypocrit, Monica! Because I could kill you!  At least be brave enought to say the truth!

M: It is the truth!

J: What is this?”You are, and you will always be, my true love, till my last day”

M: Please, shut up, that´s a very old photograph!

J: Why did you take it here, then? To confort you when I leave?

M: I didn’t bring it here, I don´t know how it appeared.

J: Don´t lie to me! Azucena found it between your clothes.

M: Maybe it was mistaken.

J: Why should I believe you?

M:Because it is the truth.

J: Liar! I´ll tell you the truth.You still love him…

M. It´s not true!

J: And you made the biggest sacrifice marrying a pariah like me to protect him.

M: I told you it´s not like that.

J: You lied, because this is the only truth…and I´m a moron, a fool, for falling again in the same trap.

M: Please, let me explain…

J: No, I don´t want any explanation! I don´t want anything from you. And, if you thought you could manipulate me, you´ll see how I am, actually.


* * *


J: Don´t you dare to leave the house  if you don’t want me to drag you back here.

M: Please, at least let me…

J: Nothing. You don´t deserve a thing. And from this moment you are forbidden to speak when I am present.


* * *


J: La Señora?

Me: She is eating.

M: I began because I didn´t know you were coming. Have you eaten?

J: No.

M: Do you want any rice?

J: No. Where did you go this morning?

M: I went to the church and shopping. Joaquin accompanied me.

J: I don´t want you to go out with him any more.

M: Why?

J: Why didn´t you tell me Alberto de la Serna recommended him?

M: I was going to, but you told me to do as I wanted.

J: But in something related to Alberto de la Serna, you should have told me.

M: What are you going to do? Are you going to fire him only because he was recommended by Alberto?

J: I won´t fire him… yet, but I don´t want you to go out with him. Go out with Meche or Serafin, since that´s why they are here.

M: Why are you afraid?

J: I think it´s weird Alberto recommended him to your mom, precisely to plant him in my house.

M: How do you know that?

J: Your mother told Don Noel. I have enemies Monica, people who would pay anything to harm me. I have to be very careful with the people who surrounds me.

M: Why are you saying that? What can they do to you?

J: Would you feel hurt it anything happened to me? Or would you feel relieved?

M. Enough, Juan! I´m tired of your doubts, suspicions and insults. I didn´t put that photo in the case, Aimee was. My mother´s maid told me so, and if you don´t believe me, I don´t care. You have nothing to reproach me, but you….

J: Do you say this because of what they told you in the tavern?Monica… Monica…


* * *


J: Forgive me. I ask forgiveness for my doubts, for everything I told you… the issue is… I was very hurt by your sister..

M: It´s not my fault

J: Agreed. It´s not your fault, but when I met you, you were in love with another man, ready to do anything for him.

M: But not anymore. I´ve told you a thousand times and proved you. I gave myself to you with love, with my soul… with my trust!.. believing in your kindness… in your honesty! … thinking I was important to you.

J: So you are, Monica. You are the most important in my life, the most precious that ever happend to me.

M. Then why do you behave like that?

J: I´m jealous.

M: I´m jealous too.

J: Really?

M: Of course!. What do you think I am made of? Stone?! And I don´t care people say that´s how men are and women have to resign themselves!

J:Monica I swear, nothing happened between that girl and me!

M: But they told me….

J: They told you!.. They told you wrong! I´ll admit it was my intention… to get back at you… somehow… But I couldn’t! How can I be with another, if you are the only one who makes me crazy? Monica, believe me.

M: Ok. Will you doubt me again?

J: No

M: Is it true, Juan? I love you. I never thought it was possible to feel what I feel for you.

J: Monica, I don´t know what you did to me, but I´d let myself be killed for you.

M: So do I.

Translated by doike on youtube

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