Juan y Monica-16




DC: Monica, do you know what I´m going to do? I´m going to tell everything to Fray Domingo and I´ll demand to annul your marriage, so you won´t be able to tell he is your husband.

M: Married or not, I´ll leave with him, and none will be able to stop me.

DC: We´ll see.

* * *

J: Monica! Monica!

M: My life…

J: At last…


* * *


J: I thought this moment wouldn´t arrived, ever.

M: Why Don Noel didn´t….?

J: We´ll talk later… lock the door.

M: Oh, my God. Your injury..

J: Help me to have a seat.

M: Why didn´t you tell me as soon as possible? Where did they hurt you? Let me see.

J: Later.

    Lay down here with me…

M: But…

J: Please.

    I missed you so much.

M: So did I. I´d wanted to die when they told me…

J: Did Don Noel explain it to you?

M. Yes… Please, let me have a look at your injury.

J: Later. I never deceived you, Monica. I couldn´t do it. I told you. You are a witch… I won´t be here for long.

M: You can´t leave like this. You are very weak.

J: I´ll feel better in a short time.

M: I won´t let you leave.

J: I listened to your mom saying…

M: My mom won´t do anything… Where were you hurt?

J: Here in the belly.

M: Don´t move. I´ll be back in a minute…


* * *


M: They are bringing the stuff to dress your wound.

J: Lupe?

M: No, Meche. Where is your wound?

J: Here.

M: Who tended you?

J: Tegua. A healer. She is a good woman. She took good care of me, but I lost a lot of blood.

M: You will recover.

J: You have such soft hands, Monica. I think I´m in paradise. Monica, you are my life. Nobody, nothing matters to me more than you. You are so inside of me. Whatever happens, don´t forget it.

M: Nothing will happen. We won´t be apart any more. Never. Don´t worry. That´s Meche.

      Come in.

Me: I found these, Mrs.

J: Pedro and Segundo are outside.

M: Do you want Meche to warn them?

J: No, the policemen could see them. Leave them. They´ll figure out what to do.

M: Be careful. Did my mom go to bed?

Me: Yes, madam.

M: Bring something from the kitchen

Me: A soup, Mdm?

M: Yes ..


* * *


Me: The soup?

M: There was no way. Take it away. He´ll eat tomorrow. Please, let me know when my mom rises.

Me: Yes, Mdm. Do you need anything else?

M: No thanks.

     Good night.

Pe: Mdm

M: Come in. He can´t leave. He´s very weakened and the wound isn´t closed.

S: It´s dangerous. There´s a policeman outside.

M: Nothing will happen if the stays a few days. He´s safer here than anywhere else. Don´t worry. We´ll decide tomorrow morning, when Don Noel arrives.

S: Nevertheless, one of us will remain outside for whatever is needed.

M: Ok then. Thanks.

Pe: Good night.