Juan y Monica-20



J:  To be sincere,  I neved liked tha house.

M:  Why? It´s nice.

J:  It´s little,  and it´s too locked in the village.

M:  But we fell in love there.

J:  Didn´t you say you loved me before?

M: Yes, but…  you know. Where would you like us to live?

J:  In a more opened place, where you open the windows you see big places,  in front of the see. Where are Satan´s papers?

M:  Andres got them.

J:  Why?

M:  I told you.  I wanted to sell it to avenge.  To force you to come back when I thought yo had left with Aimeé.  But I´ll get them back,  don´t worry.

J:  What if the wasn´t to give them back to you?

M:  He has no reason to refuse.  It´s your ship.

J:  What are you thinking?

Me:  Señora.  Lcdo Mancera arrived and he wants to talk to you.

J:  Tell him I´ll be there in a minute.

Me:  Yes sir.

M:  Has anything happened?


* * *


J:  How are you,  DN?

DN:  Lcdo Romero Vargas found out about Serafin and went to Campo Real.

J:  Then?

DN:  You can´t meet with Andres at the Hacienda,  because Marcelo will be there with some guards.

J:  Did Doña Sofia call for him?

DN:  As he told Amanda,  his sister in law,  it was his decision.  He wants to rescue the boy and ask Andres to give you to him.

J:  What will happen to Serafin?

DN:  I guess RV will bring him back here.

J:  Do you think Andres will accept? He made up all of this to kill me.

DN:  It´s not wise for you to go there.

M:  Good night,  DN.  What happened?

DN:  I think there will be no duel for the moment.

M:  Is that so?


* * *


M:  Why are you so worried?  You won´t have to fight Andres,  and surely,  Serafin will be back with omero.

J:  I don´t know.  I have the feeling something is not right.  What if that man makes Serafin tell him what he knows?

M:  About your escape and the people whi helped you?

J:  Yes,  and to say Tuerto was the one who shot Espindola.

M:  I don´t think so.  Serafin  is a smart kid.

J:  Yes,  but he´s a kid. Romero can mislead him.

DN: I know there are soldiers outside Campo Real. That´s why he wants the duel to be here,  in San Pedro.

J:  And Serafin?

DN:  Bautista will bring him here at midnight.

J:  How is the duel going to be?

DN:  On foot,  with pistol.

J: To death?

DN: He wanted so,  but I oppossed,  firmly.  I´ll propose to end it at first wound.

M:  What it it is a deadly one?

DN:  Who are going to be your witnesses?

J:  I thought about you and Segundo.

DN:  I can´t.  I have the police after me,  and I can´t lead him to the duel.

J:  Pedro then.

DN:  Pedro and Segundo?

J:  Yes.  Then I´ll go to PA ranch to call them.

DN:  Tell them to go to my house and I´ll call for Andres´ witnesses to meet them there.

J:  What about the guns?

DN:  I don´t know,  we´ll agreed then.

M:  Juan,  for Gods sake,  refuse.

J:  Is Andres at his San Pedro´s house?

DN:  Yes,  why?

J:  Because I want to see him.

M:  Juan , the police is everywhere.

J:  Monica,  I´m make a last try.  Maybe I´ll find the words to convince him.

M:  What if he doesn´t want?

J:  If he insist,  I ask you to be strong,  brave,  and ask God a bad aim for him.

M:  But if he fails,  you…

J:  Why don´t you go out for a moment so the police can follow you and let me go?  Take your shawl.  Please, Monica


* * *


J:  If anything happens to me,  never abandon Monica.  And if she has a child of mine,  tell her to leave this place,  to go to other city so the child doesn´t know what happened to its father.

DN:  Ok, then.  I don´t think you´ll get anything from Andres.

J:  But I want to try.

DN:  I´ll insist with Andres witnesses to finish the encounter at first blood.

J:  I won´t come to sleep.

M:  Why?

J:  Because if the duel is unavoidable I want to be focused,  and I couldn´t do it with you.

M:  Then, let me know what happens with Andres.  May God enlighten you.

J:  Thanks

M:  Promise,  swear me you´ll be back.

J:  I´ll do even the impossible. I have to go.

M:  Remember you are my life,  my love,  and I want you to be back.

J:  Go.


* * *


W: Arm!

W: Shoot!

W: Arm!

W: Shoot!

W: Arm!

W: Shoot!

W: Arm!

W: Shoot!

Al: Doctor!

D: Let me have a look at it!

An: He did it on purpose,  damm it!

D: I think you won´t be able to continnue!

An: Yes, I will!  Give me the gun!

Al: You can´t even hold it! Don´t be sttuborn!

W: The encounter is over.

An: No,  I don´t want it.

W: Mr Alcazar can´t go on,  so the duel is over.

J: It´s alright.

W: Thanks.  Beg your pardon

S:  Congratulations, Juan.

J: Thanks.  Let Monica know,  and you,  tell DN, please,  to go for Serafin to Andres´ house.

S: It´s fine.

J: See you later