Juan y Monica-13




J: Finally! Both sisters together!

Ai: Hi Juan.

J: How are you, Aimee?

Ai: Well, and you?

J: Not as fine as you! You look really nice today. Why the pleasure of your visit?

Ai: I came to ask for a favor to Monica… and you, of course.

M: I already told her it´s not possible.

J: How can we help you?

Ai: I told Monica everyone, including mom, are going to Campo Real, and as it´s not proper for me to leave alone, Could I stay with at your home?

J: It will be our pleasure.

Ai: How nice of you.

M: No!

J: Are you going to refuse? Don´t be resentful. Count on that, Aimee. You know this is your home.

Ai: Thanks, Juan. It will be just for a few days.

J: As long as you want to.

Ai: See you soon, sister. Besides, it´s so hot in the hacienda these days, But as soon as my mom is back, I´ll leave.

J: It will be a pleasure.

Ai: See you soon.

M: What´s the matter with you? How can you do this to me?

J: And you? How could you say you loved me? When you were thinkg about that moron all the time!

M: What are you talking about?

J: And don´t put that victim expression! You are worse than your sister, because she at least does not hide what she is!

M: Why are you talking to me like this? What did I do?

J: Why did you make me believe you had forgotten Andres?

M: Because its true!

J: Don´t be such an hypocrit, Monica! Because I could kill you!  At least be brave enought to say the truth!

M: It is the truth!

J: What is this?”You are, and you will always be, my true love, till my last day”

M: Please, shut up, that´s a very old photograph!

J: Why did you take it here, then? To confort you when I leave?

M: I didn’t bring it here, I don´t know how it appeared.

J: Don´t lie to me! Azucena found it between your clothes.

M: Maybe it was mistaken.

J: Why should I believe you?

M:Because it is the truth.

J: Liar! I´ll tell you the truth.You still love him…

M. It´s not true!

J: And you made the biggest sacrifice marrying a pariah like me to protect him.

M: I told you it´s not like that.

J: You lied, because this is the only truth…and I´m a moron, a fool, for falling again in the same trap.

M: Please, let me explain…

J: No, I don´t want any explanation! I don´t want anything from you. And, if you thought you could manipulate me, you´ll see how I am, actually.


* * *


J: Don´t you dare to leave the house  if you don’t want me to drag you back here.

M: Please, at least let me…

J: Nothing. You don´t deserve a thing. And from this moment you are forbidden to speak when I am present.


* * *


J: La Señora?

Me: She is eating.

M: I began because I didn´t know you were coming. Have you eaten?

J: No.

M: Do you want any rice?

J: No. Where did you go this morning?

M: I went to the church and shopping. Joaquin accompanied me.

J: I don´t want you to go out with him any more.

M: Why?

J: Why didn´t you tell me Alberto de la Serna recommended him?

M: I was going to, but you told me to do as I wanted.

J: But in something related to Alberto de la Serna, you should have told me.

M: What are you going to do? Are you going to fire him only because he was recommended by Alberto?

J: I won´t fire him… yet, but I don´t want you to go out with him. Go out with Meche or Serafin, since that´s why they are here.

M: Why are you afraid?

J: I think it´s weird Alberto recommended him to your mom, precisely to plant him in my house.

M: How do you know that?

J: Your mother told Don Noel. I have enemies Monica, people who would pay anything to harm me. I have to be very careful with the people who surrounds me.

M: Why are you saying that? What can they do to you?

J: Would you feel hurt it anything happened to me? Or would you feel relieved?

M. Enough, Juan! I´m tired of your doubts, suspicions and insults. I didn´t put that photo in the case, Aimee was. My mother´s maid told me so, and if you don´t believe me, I don´t care. You have nothing to reproach me, but you….

J: Do you say this because of what they told you in the tavern?Monica… Monica…


* * *


J: Forgive me. I ask forgiveness for my doubts, for everything I told you… the issue is… I was very hurt by your sister..

M: It´s not my fault

J: Agreed. It´s not your fault, but when I met you, you were in love with another man, ready to do anything for him.

M: But not anymore. I´ve told you a thousand times and proved you. I gave myself to you with love, with my soul… with my trust!.. believing in your kindness… in your honesty! … thinking I was important to you.

J: So you are, Monica. You are the most important in my life, the most precious that ever happend to me.

M. Then why do you behave like that?

J: I´m jealous.

M: I´m jealous too.

J: Really?

M: Of course!. What do you think I am made of? Stone?! And I don´t care people say that´s how men are and women have to resign themselves!

J:Monica I swear, nothing happened between that girl and me!

M: But they told me….

J: They told you!.. They told you wrong! I´ll admit it was my intention… to get back at you… somehow… But I couldn’t! How can I be with another, if you are the only one who makes me crazy? Monica, believe me.

M: Ok. Will you doubt me again?

J: No

M: Is it true, Juan? I love you. I never thought it was possible to feel what I feel for you.

J: Monica, I don´t know what you did to me, but I´d let myself be killed for you.

M: So do I.

Translated by doike on youtube